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SYNO bits per second | bps
basis points <bps>
Basispunkte {pl} <BP>
benign prostate syndrome <BPS>
benignes Prostatasyndrom {n} <BPS>
bits per second <BPS>
Bits {pl} pro Sekunde [Übertragungs­rate]
broken pekoe souchong <BPS>
Broken Pekoe Souchong {m} <BPS>
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  • benignes Prostatasyndrom {n} <BPS> = benign prostate syndrome <BPS>
  • Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung {f} <BPS> = borderline personality disorder <BPD>
  • Bilder {pl} pro Sek. <BpS> = frames per second <f/p, fps>
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  • Internet streaming broadcasting both on WM and QT (at 64k bps, 256 kbit/s, 1M bps) and DVD ISO (NTSC and PAL) delivery are now available at RIKEN Nishina Center.
  • save and load, BASIC variables in 300 bps (standard ZX81 speed) using DSAVE and DLOAD functions and 4200 bps (Hi-Speed) using DHSAVE and DHLOAD.
  • • Asset Quality improved significantly with Gross NPA coming down by 291 bps and Net NPA coming down by 191 bps on a Y-o-Y basis to 6.32% and 2.85% respectively.
  • The shrew spends energy at very fast pace. When resting, the average shrew's heart rate is at about 1000 bps (beats per minute). In its respiratory rate, that is 800 breaths per minute.
  • It has separate sets of circuits for 1200 bps and 300 bps rates.

  • The bit duration is determined from the nominated 'bit rate' in bps...
  • The respondents playing at "Madison" recorded an average of 97 beats / minute, and at the peak this rate stopped at 131 bps, with the new IP beating off established franchises such as "Resident Evil" and Silent Hill.
  • This gene spans 160,361 bps on the minus (-) strand and contains a total of 13 exons.
  • Scientific data were telemetered at 1600 bps (with a secondary 400 bps rate available).
  • KPMG conclude that there is a wide range of answers with 14% of respondents selecting less than 25 bps and 29% selecting 75-99 bps.

  • Codec2, which operates at bit rates as low as 450 bps, sees use in amateur radio.
  • 6K bps via a local HELPAK line from OTE in Athens and a COSINE Project.
  • The basic signaling rate of the system was 600 bps, but there was some additional overhead due to the inter-record gaps and the packet structure.
  • The system could attach up to 128 asynchronous terminals, nominally at speeds of up to "3000 bits per second" (bps), but usually limited to the 300 bps supported by standard common-carrier facilities of the time, such as Bell 103 modem.
  • The Intertec Superdec offered 1200 bps support, double-wide characters, APL characters and even user-defined character sets.

  • 44 M floppy drive, a hardly visible B/W VGA-LCD screen, a built in 2400 bps modem and weights 5.5 Kg (12 lbs.) without battery or power supply.
  • The spread varied from 10 to 50 bps up through February 2018.
  • In the era of 300 bps modems, a packet took about four seconds to send, and typical latencies were on the order of [...] of a second, so the performance overhead was not significant.
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