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balanced scorecard <BSC>
Balanced Scorecard {f} <BSC> [internes strategisches Managementsystem]
beamsplitter cube <BSC>
Strahlteilerwürfel {m} <STW>
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Bachelor of Science <B.S., BSc>
Bachelor {m} of Science <B. Sc.>
Bachelor of Science <B.S., BSc> [natural sciences] [Austria]
Bakkalaureus {m} der Naturwissenschaften <Bakk. rer. nat.> [Österreich]
beam splitter cube <BSC>
Strahlteilerwürfel {m} <STW>
biological safety cabinet <BSC>
Sicherheitswerkbank {f}
biological soil crust <BSC>
biologische Bodenkruste {f}
blood sugar concentration <BSC>
Blutzuckerwert {m}
blood sugar concentration <BSC>
Blutzuckerkonzentration {f} <BZK>
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  • Balanced Scorecard {f} <BSC> [internes strategisches Managementsystem] = balanced scorecard <BSC>
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  • He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and completed his PhD in parallel computing at UEA in 1991.
  • The BSC funds regular research studies of consumers to explore attitudes toward mattresses and the shopping experience.
  • STC started new degree courses in 2020: MSc Applied psychology and MSc Psychology, Bsc Data analytics and BSC Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Mridha Nazrul Islam, Sadek Ahmed Khan, Syed Majibar Rahman Peshuary, Mir Sharif mahmud, Abdur Razzak bsc,Shafiqul Islam Alal and Engg.
  • In 1974 IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) offered a successor to the 3780, called the 3770 Data Communications System, supporting SDLC, BSC, BSC Multi-leaving In addition, IBM provides separately ordered workstation programs using BSC.

  • All bsc.-students at DTU receive at least 20 ECTS points worth of classes from MAT during their first year.
  • Financial network S.W.I.F.T. used BSC protocol for communication between Regional Center and Institution (bank) server over leased line. In a mid-1990 BSC was replaced to the X.25 infrastructure.
  • In 2010, Shaykov switched to BSC Delta together with three other teammates, but in the same year he debuted for BSC Lokomotiv Moscow.
  • Presently, college is running with five professional graduate courses – BBA, BCA, BSc.IT, BSc.
  • There is a positive correlation between native vegetation communities and biological soil crust (BSC).

  • The two main football clubs in Berlin are Hertha BSC and 1.
  • BSC YB Frauen is a Swiss women's football team representing BSC Young Boys in the Nationalliga A.
  • Education about stains is another mission of the BSC.
  • org/bsc.ca.gov/.
  • Belridge Secondary College offers specialist programs including the Academic Extension Program (for gifted and talented students from Year 7-10), the BSC Cricket Academy, the BSC Fashion & Design program (WA Department of Education approved Specialist Programs), and the BSC Netball Academy.

  • Sharma successfully completed his BSc degree at Panjab University, a BSc (Glass Tech.) at Banaras Hindu University; and an MSc (Technology) from Sheffield.
  • The College subscribes to a syllabus under the University of Calicut.
  • The TMSI is a 32-bit temporary mobile subscriber identity that can be used to avoid sending the IMSI in the clear on Um.
  • Each shareholder bank has committed to subscribe to up to £50 million of Big Society Capital's shares; their individual shareholding will always be less than 10% of the outstanding paid-in capital.
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