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blue screen of death <BSOD> [stop error]
blauer Bildschirm {m} des Todes [ugs.] [hum.]
blue screen of death <BSOD> [stop error]
Blue Screen {m} [auch Bluescreen] [von Microsoft offiziell Bugcheck genannt]
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  • ... bha ra dhwa dza bsod snyoms len) — one of the Sixteen Arhats.
  • Once one or the other driver is installed, it is not possible for the Windows operating system to boot again with the BIOS/UEFI set to RAID/IDE, producing BSOD in case of trying.
  • Unlike other operating systems such as Windows or macOS, Linux chooses to present details explaining the crash of the kernel rather than display a simplified, user-friendly message, such as the BSoD on Windows.
  • Instead, it displays the infamous "blue screen of death" (BSoD) and allows the user to attempt to continue.
  • According to post-dynastic accounts such as the Testament of Ba and other accounts, such as that compiled by Bsod-nams-rgyal-mtshan (1312-1374), the Indian monk Śāntarakṣita made the first attempt to construct the monastery while promoting his sutra-centric version of Buddhism.

  • The antagonists can create, edit, and alter files, and if you are caught by one the game closes and creates a fake BSOD.
  • ... g., BSoD or data corruption) since all standard drivers have high privileges when accessing the kernel directly.
  • 1 through Windows 7) have an option to modify the behavior of the error handler so that a computer immediately restarts rather than displaying a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error message.
  • Bsod-nams-grags-pa, Martin J. Boord, and L. N. Tsonawa.
  • However at that time Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen's own students and supporters disagreed with this account, stating that this spirit was not that of Drakpa Gyeltsen but rather that of the Fifth Dalai Lama's minister Desi Sönam Chöpel (sde srid bsod nams chos ’phel; 1595-1658), who was an enemy of Drakpa Gyeltsen and who had also died around the same time.

  • Sakya commentators on the AA include 'Go rams pa bsod nams seng ge (four commentaries), Sakya Chokden, Shes ba Kun rig (seven commentaries and treatises), and G.Yag ston ([...] , 1350–1414).
  • This version of the BSoD, internally referred to as " [...] ", gives the user the option either to restart the computer or to continue using Windows.
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