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Bernard-Soulier syndrome <BSS>
Bernard-Soulier-Syndrom {n} <BSS>
blind source separation <BSS>
blinde Quellentrennung {f}
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  • Bernard-Soulier-Syndrom {n} <BSS> = Bernard-Soulier syndrome <BSS>
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  • The Buriram Songthaew System (BSS) provides public transportation for the city.
  • BSSGP is used to handle the flow control between SGSN and BSS.
  • In computer programming, the block starting symbol (abbreviated to .bss or bss) is the portion of an object file, executable, or assembly language code that contains statically allocated variables that are declared but have not been assigned a value yet.
  • The board of BSS accepted an indicative £553 million takeover offer from Travis Perkins on 28 May 2010.
  • Because the Brier score is a "strictly proper scoring rule", and the BSS is just an affine transformation of it, the BSS is also a strictly proper scoring rule.

  • BSS, to which Beiersdorf's IT and accounting services were outsourced, operates independently but serves as an internal partner for the whole Beiersdorf group.
  • BSS was largely the successor to the Division of States Relations, which had grown out of the Domestic Quarantine Division, one of the original 1899 divisions.
  • There are two types of BSS: Independent BSS (also referred to as IBSS), and infrastructure BSS.
  • An "infrastructure BSS" is created by an infrastructure device called an "access point" ("AP") for other devices to join.
  • Previously OSS and BSS were more clearly separate entities but the term OSS/BSS (or occasionally BSS/OSS) has been in use since at least 2000.

  • The partition of the coverage area of a Basic Service Set (BSS) into sectors, each containing a subset of stations, is called sectorization.
  • Together with business support systems (BSS), they are used to support various end-to-end telecommunication services.
  • Tata BSS’ Free Employability Training Program has trained 7,570 people, who are absorbed by Tata BSS and other companies.
  • Bishop Strachan School (BSS) is located only two blocks from UCC, it is UCC's sister school.
  • Since this initial version, there has been one major update to the RDOFF format, which added a record-length indicator on each header record, allowing programs to skip over records whose format they do not recognise, and support for multiple segments; RDOFF1 only supported three segments: "text", "data" and "bss" (containing uninitialized data).

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