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beavertail {adj} <BT>
Bhutan <.bt>
Bhutan {n}
baht <฿, Bt, THB>
Baht {m} <฿, Bt, THB> [Währungs­einheit in Thailand]
2 Wörter
Bacillus thuringiensis <Bt>
Bacillus thuringiensis {n}
bacterial translocation <BT>
bakterielle Translokation {f} <BT>
bleeding time <BT>
Blutungs­zeit {f} <BZ>
blood test <BT>
Blutuntersuchung {f}
bluetongue (disease) <BT>
Blauzungenkrankheit {f}
bottom time <BT> [underwater diving]
Grundzeit {f} [Tauchen]
broader term <BT> [ISO 2788]Oberbegriff {m} <OB> [DIN 1463-1]
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  • Beschäftigungstherapie {f} <BT> = ergotherapy <ET>
  • Baht {m} <฿, Bt, THB> [Währungseinheit in Thailand] = baht <฿, Bt, THB>
  • Beschäftigungstherapie {f} <BT> = occupational therapy <OT>
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  • The school anthem titled "Ilmu Tangga Kemajuan" was composed by Loo Siew Kuan and Rozita bt. Ramli who were Sixth Form students.
  • On 1 April 2014, Pn Zuraidah Bt. Ismail from SMK Damansara Utama, took over the helm of the school.
  • BT customers without Infinity broadband can only obtain the Starter package, with BT Sport only available on Starter via IPTV in certain areas.
  • In June 1999, BT bought the whole of Clear. In August, BT paid down Clear's bank debt of NZ$170 million.
  • He is married to Zaleha bt Yahya and Siti Nurasmah bt Osman, and raised 4 children.

  • EA7 Emporio Armani Milano won their 27th title bt beating Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia in game 6 of the Finals.
  • The domestic broadcasting rights for the competition were held by the BBC and subscription channel BT Sport.
  • The scope limitation should bt of ADAM described before the opinion or disclaimer paragraph.
  • In February 2016, CANVAS and Srdja Popovic were awarded the Jean Mayers Award bt Tufts University.
  • An improvement on CAT Tooling is BT Tooling, which looks similar and can easily be confused with CAT tooling.

  • "Cartesio Oktató és Szolgáltató bt" (2008) C-210/06 is a European company law case concerning the right of freedom of establishment.
  • 101 RPV bt and 101 Art Spt Bt belongs to the Field Artillery Regiment and 102 EW Coy to Signals Regiment.
  • They concluded that while the current data demonstrated that Bt brinjal was safe and equivalent to its non-Bt counterpart, more studies were required to re-affirm the findings and further trials were needed to ascertain the benefits from Bt brinjal with respect to existing methods for pest management and pesticide reduction.
  • His parents, Ibrahim Sidi Mangkuto and Matayam bt M. Yasin, were of Minangkabau descent. He studied at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.
  • In 1760 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir George Mostyn, bt, of Talacre, Flintshire (commissioning her portrait from Joshua Reynolds).

  • BT's failure to become the major ISP in its own home market unlike every other former PTT and the success of Dixon's Freeserve, Demon and Energis based virtual ISPs in the same sector has only been recovered from recently.
  • Bisgood & Gowenlock bt Inglis & Constance Pierson 18-13 15-9 and Uber & Hetley bt F. C. Lohden & Miss Drinkwater 15–9, 15–8.
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