Übersetzung für 'BVR' von Englisch nach Deutsch
biliverdin reductase <BVR>
Biliverdinreduktase {f} <BVR>
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Übersetzung für 'BVR' von Englisch nach Deutsch

biliverdin reductase <BVR>
Biliverdinreduktase {f} <BVR>biochem.
  • Biliverdinreduktase {f} <BVR> = biliverdin reductase <BVR>
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  • Studies have shown that the BVR redox cycle is essential in providing physiological cytoprotection.
  • A 2005 paper by USAF officer Patrick Higby showed that BVR missiles fell short of expected performance, despite incurring great cost.
  • During 1971 Paddy Driver offered BvR his older F5000 single seater to try out, to see if he still had the racer's heart, and BvR finished 3rd and 1st F5000 behind two F1 cars, satisfying himself.
  • The Cebu leg is BVR's seventh this year and it is the final stop before the 2017 BVR National Championships happening later in July.
  • The modern trend to stealth aircraft is an attempt to maximize surprise in an era when Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles are becoming more effective than the quite low effectiveness BVR has had in the past.

  • In December 2020, after the new bill had been approved by both the "Bundestag" and the "Bundesrat", two new constitutional complaints (cases 2 BvR 2216/20 and 2 BvR 2217/20) were filed against the new bill.
  • The three-strong Board of Managing Directors, which is appointed by the Administrative Board, manages the BVR's business operations and represents the BVR externally.
  • The Indian counterpart leadership team was managed by Mr AP Gandhi, Mr BVR Subbu and Mr G.S.
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