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Baath Party
Baath-Partei {f} [auch: Ba'th-Partei]
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Übersetzung für 'Baath Party' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Baath Party
Baath-Partei {f} [auch: Ba'th-Partei]pol.
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  • Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on May 8, 2003, that said "the coalition 'will actively oppose Saddam Hussein's old enforcers—the Baath Party, Fedayeen Saddam, etc ...
  • Snake Party (also called Snake's Head Movement or Harakat Ras Al Afa) is composed substantially of former Baath Party and Saddam Hussein loyalists that are engaged in the Iraqi insurgency.
  • In the end, the Free Patriotic Movement candidates joined the list led by the former regional secretary of the Baath Party, Faiz Shukr.
  • He became President of the Association of Veteran Warriors جمعية المحاربين القدماء after the Baath party seized power in 1968.
  • is an Iraqi major general, and former member of the Baath Party.
  • GFTU worked in close cooperation with the Baath Party and worked to strengthen the influence of the party in the workplaces.
  • The book challenged the common argument that Bush and Blair failed in Iraq because of a lack of planning for the post-Saddam period plus a series of blunders, such as the dissolution of the Iraq army and the banning of the Baath party.
  • In 1954 he moved to Egypt and while studying economy and political science at the American University in Cairo, he joined the Baath party.
  • Ali held dual nationalities as an Iraqi and Kuwaiti, having grown up in Kuwait and studied in Baghdad where he became a member of the ruling Baath party.
  • Al-Sadr's works attracted the ire of the Baath Party leading to repeated imprisonment where he was often tortured.
  • Arif's pro-Nasserite sympathies were supported by the Baath Party, while Qasim found support for his anti-union position in the ranks of the communists.
  • However, Syria's union with Egypt (1958–61) and the rise of the Baath Party as the major political force in the country in the 1960s, transformed Syria's economic orientation and development strategy.
  • The new alliance was composed of seven groupings explicitly excluding al-Qaeda and the Baath-party.
  • He was also the Chief Negotiator in the 1970 agreement with the Baath Party.
  • Having refused to join the Baath Party, he was tortured and faced the threat of further violence until he left Iraq and spent 10 years in diaspora, living in Iran, Turkey and the Gulf countries.
  • At the age of 19 he joined the Shiite group Islamic Dawa Party, whose members were quickly noticed by the Baath Party as a threat to their power.
  • As government repression hardened under the Baath Party from February 1963, the group was forced to continue underground.
  • Officially a Republic, Syria has been governed by the Baath Party since 1963 and was under Emergency Law from 1963 until 2011; the head of state since 1970 has been a member of the Assad family.
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