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Bad News Bears [Richard Linklater, 2005]
Die Bären sind los
The Bad News Bears
Die Bären sind los
bad newsschlechte Nachricht {f}
bad newsWermutstropfen {m}
bad newsHiobsbotschaft {f}
bad news {sg}schlechte Neuigkeiten {pl}
bad news {sg}Hiobsbotschaften {pl}
bad news {sg}schlimme Nachrichten {pl}
Bad news travels fast.
Schlechte Nachrichten verbreiten sich schnell.
to prepare for bad newssich gegen schlechte Nachrichten wappnen
bearer of bad newsÜberbringer {m} schlechter Nachrichten
a piece of bad newseine schlechte Nachricht {f}
to prepare sb. for bad newsjdn. auf schlimme Nachrichten vorbereiten
bad news [treated as sg.]Unerfreuliches {n} [schlechte Nachricht]
bad news {pl} [treated as sg.] [one issue]schlechte Nachricht {f}
bad news {pl} [treated as sg.] [more than one issue]schlechte Nachrichten {pl}
television news <TV news>
Fernsehnachrichten {pl}
teddy bears
Teddybären {pl}
gummi bears
Gummibärchen {pl}
gummy bears
Gummibärchen {pl}
dancing bearsTanzbären {pl}
polar bears
Eisbären {pl}
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  • While playing for Houston, Watson, along with several teammates, had a cameo appearance in the 1977 movie "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training".
  • The comedic aspect of this super-genre often comes from physical humor ("Happy Gilmore -" 1996), character humor ("Caddyshack -" 1980), or the juxtaposition of bad athletes succeeding against the odds ("The Bad News Bears" - 1976).
  • He is perhaps best known for his role as the short-tempered shortstop Tanner Boyle in the 1976 feature film "The Bad News Bears" and its sequel "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training", as well as for appearing in several "After School Specials" during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
  • In its early days, the club was uncompetitive on the field and struggled to shake the derisive tags which included "The Cararra Koalas" (in reference to the Gold Coast home and the somewhat tame marsupial) and "The Bad News Bears".
  • During his tenure with "Mad", Davis' specialty was drawing sports-themed articles. This led to his work for Paramount Pictures, painting the poster for "The Bad News Bears" (1976).

  • A version is heard during the end credits of the 1978 film "The Bad News Bears Go To Japan". The first verse is sung by Japanese children, later accompanied by American singers.
  • Cast came to prominence on the television series "The Bad News Bears" in 1979 as Amanda Whirlitzer, the role originated by Tatum O'Neal in the 1976 film of the same name.
  • Released by Paramount Pictures, "The Bad News Bears" received generally positive reviews.
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