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Beit She'an
Bet Sche'an {n}
Beit Shemesh
Bet Schemesch {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Beit' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Beit She'an
Bet Sche'an {n}geogr.
Beit Shemesh
Bet Schemesch {n}geogr.
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  • He also heads the Aguda LeHitnadvut (a Sherut Leumi contracting organization), and serves as Av Beit Din of the northern conversion beit din.
  • On his father's first yahrzeit, Bornsztain established Yeshivat Beit Avrohom in Sochaczew and appointed Rabbi Aryeh Tzvi Frumer, "av beit din" of Koziegłowy, as rosh yeshiva.
  • The yeshiva currently consists of a high school of about 100 students in four grade levels and a beit midrash for the continuing education of college-aged students.
  • One custom is to fast only the first Monday and Thursday and the second Monday ("beit hey beit", or "BaHaB").
  • In October 2020 Nateev Express won the tender for the beit sheesh corridor.

  • The title of "av beit din" existed before the period of the zugot.
  • Hartmann was born of Jewish parentage at Duschnik (now Trhové Dušníky) in Bohemia. His maternal grandfather, Isaac Spitz, served as "av beit din" in Bunzlau.
  • campus which includes a beit midrash and a residence facility.
  • In Hebrew "beit" means house, and "tzed" means both hunting and fishing.
  • Taking the opportunity to settle in Israel, he immigrated to Palestine with his family and was installed as Petah Tikvah's chief rabbi and "av beit din" (chief judge in a rabbinical court).

  • The work received approbations from Rabbi David, the "av beit din" of Novhardok, and Rabbi Avraham Abele ben Avraham Shlomo Poswoler, an eminent scholar who headed the Vilna "beit din".
  • In 1945 he was appointed as "av beit din" of the Sephardic Beit Din of Jerusalem.
  • In 1926 he founded and built a new synagogue in the Nachlaot neighborhood for the "Ma'araviim" congregation called Or Zaruaa, which he named after the "beit midrash" headed by his late father.
  • Sefer Daja (Tirana, 1897 - 1977) was an Albanian bejtexhi, popularised for his beit poems in the volume "Bejte nga Sefer Daja", written by Haxhi Deliu.
  • The basalt lintel of one of the houses unearthed in the Golan bears a Hebrew inscription that reads: "This is the beit midrash of Rabbi Elazar the Caper Maker."

  • The "av beit din" ([...] "ʾabh bêth dîn", "chief of the court" or "chief justice"), also spelled "av beis din" or "abh beth din" and abbreviated ABD (...), was the second-highest-ranking member of the Sanhedrin during the Second Temple period, and served as an assistant to the Nasi (Prince).
  • Cemeteries are referred to in several different ways in Hebrew, including "beit kevarot" (house of sepulchers), "beit almin" (eternal home) or "beit olam [...]," (house of afterlife), the "beit chayyim" (house of the living) and "beit shalom" (house of peace).
  • In Judaism, the priestly court ("beit din shel kohanim", Hebrew: בית דין של כהנים; also translated as the "beit din of the priests" or "Court of the Priests") was a court of Jewish law, composed of priests descended from Aaron, which operated at the Temple in Jerusalem and oversaw matters related to the priesthood and Temple rituals.
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