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Brabant Revolution
Brabanter Revolution {f}
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Brabant Revolution
Brabanter Revolution {f}hist.
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  • Johannes Franciscus Vonck, also known by the Francization Jean-François Vonck or the Netherlandization Jan-Frans Vonck, (29 November 1743 – 1 December 1792) was a lawyer and one of the leaders of the Brabant Revolution from 1789–1790.
  • During the Brabant Revolution which then started, he was thus part of the most liberal faction of the revolutionaries, known as the Vonckisten, named after their leader.
  • In the Austrian Netherlands, the Brabant Revolution succeeded in expelling Austrian forces and established the new United Belgian States.
  • By 1790, rebellions had broken out in protest against Joseph's reforms in the Austrian Netherlands (the Brabant Revolution) and Hungary, and his other dominions were restive under the burdens of his war with the Ottomans.
  • "Pro Aris et Focis" is the name of a secret society in Brussels in 1789 which prepared the Brabant Revolution against the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. The leading figure was Jan-Baptist Verlooy.
  • During the Brabant Revolution in the Austrian Netherlands in 1789–90, it was briefly replaced with a short-lived revolutionary currency.
  • Maria Christina and Albert this time had more actual power than what Joseph II had allowed them, although after the Brabant Revolution they turned into a more authoritarian rule.
  • , also known as the United States of Belgium, was a short-lived confederal republic in the Southern Netherlands (modern-day Belgium) which was established after the Brabant Revolution.
  • By 1789 rebellion had broken out in protest against his reforms in Belgium (Brabant Revolution) and Hungary, and his other dominions were restive under the burdens of his war with Turkey.
  • In the Spanish and then Austrian Netherlands in the 18th century and until the Brabant Revolution, the language of the literate was Spanish and then gradually French, but accompanied by a vernacular language.
  • Lahure served in the Brabant Revolution in 1787. He moved to Lille in France in 1790. He served in the Army of the North under General Nicolas Luckner. He served in the Army of Sambre-et-Meuse.
  • At first destined for a career as an architect (for which he showed a marked disposition), he fought in his first battles in 1788 as a volunteer in the "Canaris" (after its uniform's colour) cavalry regiment during the Brabant Revolution.
  • Leaving Brussels during the troubles of the 1787-90 Brabant Revolution, Bultos arrived in Hamburg with several actors from the Théâtre de la Monnaie.
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