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NOUN   a break-even point | break-even points
break-even pointNutzschwelle {f}
break-even pointRentabilitätsgrenze {f}
break-even pointRentabilitätsschwelle {f}
break-even point <BEP>
Break-even-Point {m} <BEP>
break-even point <BEP>
Gewinnschwelle {f}
break-even point <BEP>
Break-even-Punkt {m} <BEP>
break-even point <BEP>
Break-even {m} [kurz für: Break-even-Point]
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  • Break-even-Point {m} <BEP> = break-even point <BEP>
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  • Inlining hurting performance is primarily a problem for large functions that are used in many places, but the break-even point beyond which inlining reduces performance is difficult to determine and depends in general on precise load, so it can be subject to manual optimization or profile-guided optimization.
  • Indie labels used relatively inexpensive recording processes, so they had a much lower break-even point for a record than a major label.
  • The break-even point for algae-based biofuels is estimated to occur by 2025.
  • The Reason Foundation report says Provo "faces the dilemma of continuing to fund iProvo with no break-even point in sight, or it can sell and recoup as much of its investment as it can.
  • The number is different for every company but it is a number that represents a prime indicator of profitability or break-even point.

  • In the long run, with optimal strategy, a player can profit by only playing progressive games when their jackpots are above the break-even point, although the "long run" can be quite long, tens of thousands of plays.
  • According to the 2010 NRC study, although a mile driven on electricity is cheaper than one driven on gasoline, lifetime fuel savings are not enough to offset plug-ins' high upfront costs, and it will take decades before the break-even point is achieved.
  • Similarly, it is often more economically feasible to transport natural gas in the form of LNG, however the break-even point between LNG and pipelines would depend on the volume of natural gas and the distance it travels.
  • DOL is closely related to the rate of increase in the operating margin: as sales increase past the break-even point, operating margin rapidly increases from 0% (reflected in a high DOL), and as sales increase, asymptotically approaches the contribution margin: thus the rate of change in operating margin decreases, as does the DOL, which asymptotically approaches 1.
  • At this point, the break-even point was anticipated to be around 125–150 aircraft.

  • from 2007 and below the break-even point for many cattle farmers.
  • The break-even point (BEP) or break-even level represents the sales amount—in either unit (quantity) or revenue (sales) terms—that is required to cover total costs, consisting of both fixed and variable costs to the company.
  • In total, 282 Caravelles of all types were manufactured (2 prototypes or pre-production aircraft and 280 production aircraft); reportedly, Sud Aviation's projected break-even point for the type had been forecast to be around the 200-unit mark.
  • Replicating Bloom filters are more efficient when the number of queries is much larger than the number of elements that the Bloom filter contains, the break even point compared to Distributed Bloom filters is approximately after [...] accesses, with [...] as the false positive rate of the bloom filter.
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