Übersetzung für 'Brennus' von Englisch nach Deutsch
Brennus / Brennos [chieftain of the Senones]
Brennus {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Brennus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Brennus / Brennos [chieftain of the Senones]
Brennus {m}hist.
  • Brennus {m} = Brennus / Brennos [chieftain of the Senones]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He and Brennus commanded the division that marched into Paionia.
  • In 2004, "Le Silence" was released: a dark rock opus produced by Brennus records.
  • It has been theorized that Brennus was working in concert with Dionysius, who sought to control all of Sicily.
  • The Gauls may have been ill-prepared for the siege, as an epidemic broke out among them as a result of not burying the dead. Brennus and the Romans negotiated an end to the siege when the Romans agreed to pay one thousand pounds of gold.
  • The Bouclier de Brennus, or Brennus Shield in English, is a trophy awarded to the winners of the French rugby union domestic league.

  • The ghosts of Brennus and Camillus return with the god Mercury.
  • Pau won its first Bouclier de Brennus.
  • 390 BC: Brennus leads the Senones to Clusium in Etruria. Rome sends an army to drive the Senones away, which the Senones defeat at the Battle of the Allia. Brennus leads his men on to besiege Rome.
  • Brennus is a St. Bernard and old, close friend of Argal.
  • It is very similar to "Hippotion brennus" form "brennus" but immediately distinguishable by the lack of paired subdorsal white spots on the abdomen.

  • King Brennus the 8th: 8th king of the Valisars. Killed by Loethar.
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