Übersetzung für 'Bx' von Englisch nach Deutsch
B double sharp <Bx>
Hisis {n}
degree Brix <°Bx>
Grad {n} Brix <°Brix, °Bx, Brix, %Brix>
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Übersetzung für 'Bx' von Englisch nach Deutsch

B double sharp <Bx>
Hisis {n}mus.
degree Brix <°Bx>
Grad {n} Brix <°Brix, °Bx, Brix, %Brix>oenol.unit
  • Grad {n} Brix <°Brix, °Bx, Brix, %Brix> = degree Brix <°Bx>
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  • Other examples of sets include the set of all two-by-two matrices, the set of all second-degree polynomials ("ax"2 + "bx" + "c"), the set of all two dimensional vectors of a plane, and the various finite groups such as the cyclic groups, which are the groups of integers modulo "n".
  • Assume ("ax"2 + "bx" + "c") cannot be reduced to the following expression ("px" + "q")2 for some "p" and "q".
  • By the fundamental theorem of algebra, if the monic polynomial equation "x"2 + "bx" + "c" = 0 has complex coefficients, it must have two (not necessarily distinct) complex roots.
  • In computer programming, bidirectional transformations (bx) are programs in which a single piece of code can be run in several ways, such that the same data are sometimes considered as input, and sometimes as output.
  • Since "x"2 represents the area of a square with side of length "x", and "bx" represents the area of a rectangle with sides "b" and "x", the process of completing the square can be viewed as visual manipulation of rectangles.

  • Let β equal the cube root of "b/a" in the equation "ax"3 + "bx"3 = "c" and assume "m" is an integer that satisfies "m" + 1 > 2"n"/3 ≥ "m" ≥ 3 where "n" is a positive integer.
  • In TeX, the uniwidth version of a boldface is invoked by [...] } ("bold"), which is different from the usual "extended bold face" (bx).
  • Find a rational number between "b"x and "ax", say "p/q" such that "bx > p/q > ax".
  • We call "D" a division algebra if for any element "a" in "D" and any non-zero element "b" in "D" there exists precisely one element "x" in "D" with "a" = "bx" and precisely one element "y" in "D" such that [...].
  • Setting "a"="bi" where "i" is the imaginary unit, and applying Euler's identity, one sees that the Weierstrass transform of the function cos("bx") is "e"&minus;"b"2 cos("bx") and the Weierstrass transform of the function sin("bx") is "e"&minus;"b"2 sin("bx").

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