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C'mon! [Come on!]Komm schon!
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Übersetzung für 'C'mon' von Englisch nach Deutsch

C'mon! [Come on!]
Komm schon!
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  • Why didn't a fan file a lawsuit or say, 'Yo, Cowboy is groping my wife,' c'mon."
  • "C'mon Aussie, C'mon" is an Australian Cricket anthem.
  • Credits are lifted from the "C'mon, C'mon" album booklet.
  • "Digimon" first appeared in narrative form in the one-shot manga "C'mon Digimon", released in the summer of 1997.
  • (simple translation of "C'mon-c'mon!") quickly became trendy in the Russian club culture.
  • Johnny then invites the devil to "c'mon back if y'ever wanna try again" before repeating his claim to be "the best that's ever been".
  • One song in particular (c'mon c'mon) was used more than all the others combined.
  • In 2021, notable films included C'mon C'mon (Opening Night), King Richard (Centerpiece) and Julia (Closing Night).
  • "C'mon! C'mon!" is a 1986 song by Bronski Beat from their album, "Truthdare Doubledare".
  • He speaks to his daughter Hailie in a baby like fashion (ex: c'mon Hai-Hai we going to the beach. ...
  • Mon Mon / Fong Man (Mon Mon/Chinese: 方敏) - Nic's little sister. She used to be energetic, before having the fatal disease - leukemia. She therefore can't stay outside for too long without suffering sunlight, and Nic is responsible in taking care of her.
  • Mon National Day is celebrated by Mon communities throughout Myanmar, primarily in Mon and Kayin States, Yangon and Taninthayi Regions.
  • In 1986, she hosted "Mon corps, c'est mon corps", a television special produced by Télé-Québec and the National Film Board to educate children on how to protect themselves against child sexual abuse.
  • Magado is the name of Mon King from Myanmar Burma. Myanmar's Mon State and Mon tribe, Mon State.
  • Beta Monocerotis C (Beta Mon C / β Monocerotis C / β Mon C) is a Be star with a mass of approximately 6 solar masses and a luminosity of 1,300 times the Sun's. This star was observed to be double in speckle interferometric observations in 1988, but this has not been confirmed by later infrared observations.
  • As Siam had accumulated a great number of Mon refugees, Taksin established the "Kong Mon" (...) or the Mon regiment to recruit the Mon refugee men to fight against the Burmese. He appointed a Mon nobleman named Madawt (Mon: မဍောတ် [...]) who used to be a mandarin in Ayutthaya court, as "Phraya" Ramanwong the commander of "Kong Mon" or the Mon regiment. Taksin also appointed Mon leaders Binnya Sein as "Phraya" Kiat and Talakleb as "Phraya" Ram - commanding positions in the Mon regiment.
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