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C-Achse {f}
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Übersetzung für 'C axis' von Englisch nach Deutsch

C-Achse {f}engin.tech.
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  • In addition, new 2'C axle-mounted high-speed trains (328 series), 1'D-axle heavy-duty trains (424 series) and C'C-axis Mallet-system trains (620 series) have been designed.
  • The sheet structure of post-perovskite makes the compressibility of the "b" axis higher than that of the "a" or "c" axis.
  • Leadhillite is biaxial (-) with the optical Z axis parallel to the crystallographic b axis, and the optical X axis inclined to the crystallographic c axis at an angle of -5.5°.
  • Within the structure there are cavities with a cross-section of up to 4 Å, and also wide channels parallel to the c axis with a diameter of 6.4 Å.
  • For barytocalcite Z is parallel to the b axis, X is at an angle of 64° to the c axis and Y is at an angle of 26° to the c axis.
  • Sapphire is a notable example of variable thermal conductivity based on orientation and temperature, with 35 W/(m⋅K) along the c axis and 32 W/(m⋅K) along the a axis.
  • In this variety, microscopic tubelike cavities or needle-like inclusions of rutile occur in an orientation parallel to the c-axis, producing a chatoyant effect visible as a single ray of light passing across the crystal.
  • It is common for the faces to be striated parallel to the c axis.
  • In AlN wurtzite crystal structure, Al and N alternate along the c-axis, and each bond is tetrahedrally coordinated with four atoms per unit cell.
  • ... perpendicular to c-axis). Researchers have shown that covellite nanoplatelets of approx.
  • Some sapphire-glass windows are made from pure sapphire boules that have been grown in a specific crystal orientation, typically along the optical axis, the "c" axis, for minimum birefringence for the application.
  • Along the "c" axis, normal conductivity is 10 times smaller than in the "a"-"b" plane.
  • This bond lies outside the main C–C axis, with half of the bond on one side of the molecule and a half on the other.
  • The crystallographic "c-"axis points approximately perpendicular to the shell wall, but the direction of the other axes varies between groups.
  • At ambient conditions calcium disilicide exists in two polymorphs, hR9 and hR18; in the hR18 structure the hR9 unit cell is stacked twice along the c axis.
  • The ilmenite crystal structure consists of an ordered derivative of the corundum structure; in corundum all cations are identical but in ilmenite Fe2+ and Ti4+ ions occupy alternating layers perpendicular to the trigonal c axis.
  • Rutile crystals are most commonly observed to exhibit a prismatic or acicular growth habit with preferential orientation along their "c" axis, the [...] direction.
  • The mineral ettringite has a structure that runs parallel to the "c" axis -the needle axis-; in the middle of these two lie the sulfate ions and [...] molecules, the space group is "P31c".
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