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NOUN   the C major scale | -
SYNO C major | C major scale | scale of C major
C major scale
C-Dur-Tonleiter {f}
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Übersetzung für 'C major scale' von Englisch nach Deutsch

C major scale
C-Dur-Tonleiter {f}mus.
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  • When we arrange the notes of the C major scale in ascending pitch and use only these notes to build a seventh chord, and we start with G (not C), then the resulting chord contains the four notes G–B–D–F and is called G dominant seventh (G7).
  • The 3:2 just perfect fifth arises in the justly tuned C major scale between C and G.
  • For example, in the C major scale, the leading note is the note B.
  • For example, if each B note is raised one quarter tone, then the "raised 7th" would only affect a C major scale.
  • Step bells are a type of inclined metallophone, usually arranged in a C major scale, commonly used in music education.
  • Evidence suggests that absolute pitch sense is influenced by cultural exposure to music, especially in the familiarization of the equal-tempered C-major scale.
  • For example, in a C major scale the first note is C, the second D, the third E and so on.
  • This makam is thought to be identical to the Western C-major scale, but actually it is misleading to conceptualize a makam through Western music scales.
  • The two innermost rows of the layout constitute a diatonic C major scale, distributed alternately between the two sides of the instrument.
  • On the piano, the C major scale can be played by playing only the white keys starting on C.
  • The reason is that the most commonly used scale in Western music is the major scale, and the sequence C–D–E–F–G–A–B–C (the C major scale) is the simplest example of a major scale.
  • Zimbabwean instruments are often in a diatonic C major scale, which allows them to be played with a 'western-tuned' mbira (G nyamaropa), sometimes with an added F [...] key placed inline.
  • For example, the C major scale is typically written [...] (shown below), the initial and final C's being an octave apart.
  • The 10:9 minor tone arises in the C major scale between D & E and G & A, and is "a sharper dissonance" than 9:8.
  • The major scale or Ionian mode is one of the diatonic scales.
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