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C-pop [Chinese pop]
C-Pop {m}
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C-pop [Chinese pop]
C-Pop {m}mus.
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  • is one of the main C-pop music award in Hong Kong.
  • The song was a departure from mainstream C-pop, and Wong followed this markedly with further experiments in "alternative music" for her next Cantonese album, "Random Thoughts".
  • A record chart which includes all genres of C-pop is the Global Chinese Pop Chart.
  • C. pop rock group The Dance Party and recorded the band's debut record for HellYa!
  • are the C-pop artists and musical style from Hong Kong or Taiwan.
  • In 2000, C-pop singer Coco Lee had a huge hit on the Asian market with a cover of Technique's second single, "You and Me".
  • Chinese pop (C-Pop) includes mandopop and cantopop.
  • Since 1949, Taiwan had managed to develop itself into the center of Chinese pop culture (also known as "C-pop" or 中文流行文化).
  • This is the first time that a K-pop artist has released a cover version of a C-pop song.
  • The format of the show was sold to China in May 2013, producing a localized "C-pop Star" on Shandong TV.
  • is an independent Asian music and entertainment company specializing in Chinese-Pop (C-pop).
  • Taihe Rye Music is a C-pop (Mandopop) record label, founded in China 2004 by Song Ke and Zhang Yadong.
  • Alilang Group started in 2002, and published their first CD, entitled "Alilang", in 2003. They are popular as a C-pop group among the Chinese young as well as among the Korean Chinese.
  • EE-Media is a C-pop (Mandopop) record label, founded in Shanghai, China in 2004 by Long Danni under the parent company Hunan Broadcasting System.
  • Gillian Chung was originally scheduled to be a performer at the opening ceremony, but due to the Edison Chen photo scandal, director Zhang Yimou replaced her and her partner, Charlene Choi (not involved in the photo incident) with PRC C-pop act A-One.
  • Xiao initially debuted in 2008, mainly performing J-pop and R&B, and later diversified her repertoire to pursue pop music more broadly, including C-pop.
  • Li Na, a famous Chinese singer who became a nun in 1997, produced many popular Buddhist music albums under her new name Master Chang Sheng (释昌圣).
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