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seven-spotted ladybug <7-spotted ladybug, C-7> [Am.] [Coccinella septempunctata]
Siebenpunkt-Marienkäfer {m} <7-Punkt-Marienkäfer>
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  • siebter / siebenter Halswirbel {m} <7. Halswirbel, C7, C 7, HWK 7> = seventh cervical vertebra <7th cervical vertebra, C7 vertebra, C7> [Vertebra cervicalis VII, Vertebra prominens]
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  • Most of Cape Girardeau in Scott County is in the Scott City R-I School District, while a very small section is in Kelso C-7 School District.
  • There is also an annual cycle, with sea temperature varying by a little less than 4 °C (7 °F) over the year, peaking at nearly 24 °C (75 °F) in March, and falling to around 20 °C (68 °F) in September.
  • The Snowy River is on average 4 °C (7 °F) warmer than the surrounding unregulated snow melt rivers, with a peak difference of up to 8 °C (14 °F).
  • The Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) is a 501(c)(7) organization formed in 2010 to provide student housing for the fraternity's undergraduate members.
  • The de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou (designated by the United States military as the CV-2 and later C-7 Caribou) is a Canadian specialized cargo aircraft with short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability.

  • In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017, the museum of undertook a C$7.4 million renovation to open the Canadian and Indigenous Art: From Time Immemorial to 1967 gallery.
  • Several scales may be referred to as diminished. One of the more common is the Octatonic scale constructed from C°7 and its tensions (transposed into the same octave), which has alternating tone and semitone intervals.
  • MFC was introduced in 1992 with Microsoft's "C/C++ 7.0" compiler for use with 16-bit versions of Windows as an extremely thin object-oriented C++ wrapper for the Windows API.
  • Eugene V Debs Hall in Buffalo, NY is a 501(c)7 nonprofit social club; and home to the Eugene V. Debs Local Initiative, a project to document and commemorate Buffalo's labor movement history.
  • In March 2013, Tatra was sold in auction for 176 mil CZK (c. ...

  • The 5th millennium BC spanned the years 5000 BC to 4001 BC (c. ...
  • The Early Oligocene booby "Sula" ronzoni" was at first mistakenly believed to be a typical merganser.
  • Some people are born with an extra incomplete and very small rib above their first rib, which protrudes out into the superior thoracic outlet space.
  • Oxygen isotope ratios in fossilized bone are sometimes used to determine the temperature at which the bone was deposited, as the ratio between certain isotopes correlates with temperature.
  • Following the 1958–59 season, the club earned promotion back to the First Division and have not been relegated since.

  • A seminal 2014 study first identified the contribution of three main components to modern European lineages (the third being "Ancient North Eurasians", associated with the later Indo-European expansion).
  • In June 2022, a scandal emerged over Hockey Canada's handling of sexual assault allegations surrounding the organization, stemming from its May 2022 settlement of alleged abuses by members of Canada's junior team in 2018.
  • ... 28:6; Ether 4:16; D&C 7; 27:12; 61:14; 77; 88:141).
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