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seventh cervical vertebra <7th cervical vertebra, C7 vertebra, C7> [Vertebra cervicalis VII, Vertebra prominens]
siebter / siebenter Halswirbel {m} <7. Halswirbel, C7, C 7, HWK 7>
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  • siebter / siebenter Halswirbel {m} <7. Halswirbel, C7, C 7, HWK 7> = seventh cervical vertebra <7th cervical vertebra, C7 vertebra, C7> [Vertebra cervicalis VII, Vertebra prominens]
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  • Black has more space on the queenside, so tends to focus on that side of the board, almost always playing ...c7–c5 early on to attack White's pawn chain at its base, and may follow up by advancing his a- and b-pawns.
  • Black resigned because the pawn will advance to c7 and Black cannot defend against rook attacks on the seventh rank and the h-file.
  • e7–e5, ...c7–c5 or ...f7–f5, depending on circumstances.
  • He gives this reason for his association with Thrasymachus and others, searching for definitions and actions toward justice (410c6-c7).
  • If the black pawn on c7 in the diagram moves to c5 in a single move, the white pawn on b5 can capture it "en passant": bxc6.

  • Also winning is 2.d7 followed by 3.c7.
  • Themes for Black: kingside attack, f7–f5 break, g7–g5–g4 break (after f2–f3), c7–c6 break, prophylaxis with ...c6–c5 or ...c7–c5 transposing to a full Benoni formation.
  • If 3...h3 then 4.Kd6 h2 5.c7, draw.
  • ..c7–c5, without first having played ...d7–d5.
  • Then the knight manoeuver Nb1-c3-d5/b4-c7 is strong, which would fork black's king and a8-rook.

  • Kxb5 Nc2 10.c7 and wins) 9. c7! (a silent move; the double threat c8=Q+ and b7 mate forces Black to sacrifice the queen) 9...
  • Qc2 e4 27.Qc7, or 22...Qb8 23.b6 Rxa1 24.Rxa1 Bd7 25.Qd5!
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