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International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee <CCITT> [now renamed ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector]
Internationaler Ausschuss {m} für den Telegrafen- und Fernsprechdienst <CCITT>
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  • Internationaler Ausschuss {m} für den Telegrafen- und Fernsprechdienst <CCITT> = International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee <CCITT> [now renamed ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector]
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  • It is specified in CCITT Recommendations Q.251-Q.300.
  • These inversions are extremely common but not universally performed, even in the case of the CRC-32 or CRC-16-CCITT polynomials.
  • Technical definitions are specified in formerly CCITT (now ITU-T) Recommendations Q.120 to Q.139.
  • French SSUTR2 (Système de signalisation par canal sémaphore CCITT no.7) is the French national variant of the Telephone User Part (TUP).
  • Towns and cities have abbreviations accepted by the 2 corresponding PTOs and the CCITT/ITU-T.

  • The CCITT named the international unit of telephone traffic the erlang in 1946 in honor of Agner Krarup Erlang.
  • In addition, the Apple-CAT II had the ability to support CCITT v.21 and CCITT v.23, the European standards for 300 and 300/1200 baud operation (as opposed to the normal Bell 103/202 versions).
  • Work to establish an international standard for videotex began in 1978 in CCITT.
  • 19 May: International Telegraph and Telephone Conference (CCITT) began in Paris to revise international telegraph agreements.
  • The V.23 standard was an early modem standard first approved by ITU-T precursor CCITT in 1964.

  • The CCITT/ITU-T versions of the protocol specifications are for public data networks (PDN).
  • In the mid-1980s, both CCITT (now ITU-T) and ISO had standardization groups for image coding: CCITT Study Group (SG) VIII (Telematic Services) and ISO TC97 SC2 WG8 (Coding of Audio and Picture Information).
  • In the early 1970s, the term "datagram" was created by combining the words "data" and "telegram" by the CCITT rapporteur on packet switching, Halvor Bothner-By.
  • It was defined by the CCITT (now the ITU) in November 1926. The earlier standard had been the number of words per minute, which was a less robust measure since word length can vary.
  • He was a rapporteur on packet switching for the CCITT.

  • She joined the extended Macintosh team in 1983 as Product Manager for international Macintosh accessories, including local-language keyboards, CCITT and CSA modems, regionally-compliant printers, and power supplies.
  • In long distance systems, supergroups were multiplexed into mastergroups of 300 voice channels (European CCITT hierarchy) or 600 (AT&T Long Lines Type L-600 Multiplex) for transmission by coaxial cable or microwave.
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