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Compact Disk - Read Only Memory <CD-ROM>
Compact Disc {f} - Read-Only Memory <CD-ROM>
Romans <Rom., Rom> [Epistle to the Romans]
Römer {pl} <Röm., Röm> [Römerbrief]
boot ROM
Boot-ROM {n} [ugs. auch {m} {f}]
reprogrammable ROMreprogrammierbares ROM {n}
Roman {adj} <Rom.>römisch <röm.>
to flash a ROM
ein ROM flashen
read-only memory <ROM>
Totspeicher {m} [selten] [ROM]
read-only memory <ROM>
Nur-Lese-Speicher {m}
read-only memory <ROM>
ROM {n}
read-only memory <ROM>
Festwertspeicher {m}
range of motion <ROM>
Bewegungs­radius {m}
read-only memory <ROM>
Festspeicher {m}
range of motion <ROM>
Bewegungs­freiheit {f}
rough order of magnitude <ROM> costing
Überschlagsangebot {n}
Rom [member of the Roma people]
Rom {m}
rom-com [coll.] [short for: romantic comedy]
romantische Komödie {f}
CD changerCD-Wechsler {m}
downgrade CDDowngrade-CD {f}
CD fair
CD-Börse {f} [Markt, Messe]
CD bagCD-Tasche {f}
upgrade CDUpgrade-CD {f}
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  • Compact Disc {f} - Read-Only Memory <CD-ROM> = Compact Disk - Read Only Memory <CD-ROM>
  • Rom {m} = Roma man
  • Rom {m} = Romani [person]
  • Rom {n} = Rome
  • ROM {n} = read-only memory <ROM>
  • Rom {m} = Romany [person]
  • Rom = Rome
  • Rom {m} = Rom [member of the Roma people]
  • Rom besuchen = to visit Rome
  • Altes Rom {n} = old Rome
  • ganz Rom = all Rome
  • reprogrammierbares ROM {n} = reprogrammable ROM
  • Rom-Abkommen {n} = Rome Convention
  • Drittes Rom {n} = Third Rome
  • antikes Rom {n} = ancient Rome
  • Altes Rom {n} = Ancient Rome
  • Rom, offene Stadt = Rome, Open City [Roberto Rossellini]
  • ein ROM flashen = to flash a ROM
  • Sophia {f} von Rom = Saint / St. Sophia of Rome
  • Rom-II-Kriterien {pl} = Rome II criteria
  • Vertrag {m} von Rom = Rome Treaty
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  • The first publicly available software to master a CD-ROM with Amiga extensions was MakeCD, an Amiga software which Angela Schmidt developed together with Patrick Ohly.
  • The CDTV, launched in 1991, was a CD-ROM-based game console and multimedia appliance several years before CD-ROM drives were common. The system never achieved any real success.
  • At a minimum, whatever can be done with data files on a CD-ROM, can be done on Gopher.
  • 88 MB) is nominally 1,000 kilobits/s, or approximately 83% that of single-speed CDROM (71% of audio CD).
  • Other examples of CD-ROM encyclopedia are Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia and "Britannica".

  • "Day of the Tentacle" was one of the first games concurrently released on CD-ROM and floppy disk.
  • 1in DSTN display, 16 MB of memory, 10x CD-ROM, 1.3 GB hard disk drive, and cost $1,899 for the base price.
  • The dye materials developed by Taiyo Yuden made it possible for CD-R discs to be compatible with Audio CD and CD-ROM discs.
  • His interests in digital technology also led to his film "Level Five" (1996) and "Immemory" (1998, 2008), an interactive multimedia CD-ROM, produced for the Centre Pompidou (French language version) and from Exact Change (English version).
  • Like CD+G, CD+EG uses basic CD-ROM features to display text and video information in addition to the music being played.

  • ATAPI devices include CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, tape drives, and large-capacity floppy drives such as the Zip drive and SuperDisk drive.
  • An unauthorized user gaining physical access to a computer is most likely able to directly copy data from it.
  • In the early days, the file download library consisted of files that the system operators obtained themselves from other BBSes and friends.
  • One of the first digital video products to run on personal computers was "PACo: The PICS Animation Compiler" from The Company of Science & Art in Providence, RI.
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