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chlorofluorocarbons <CFCs>
Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoffe {pl} <FCKW>
chloro-fluoro-carbons <CFCs>
Fluor-Chlor-Kohlenwasserstoffe {pl} <FCKW>
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  • Agran, Rowland and Molina, championed what was described as one of "the most far reaching measures" in banning commercial process and consumer product use of CFCs.
  • Even though the use of CFCs has been banned in many countries, CFCs can stay in the atmosphere for 50 to 500 years.
  • Midgley died three decades before the ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas effects of CFCs in the atmosphere became widely known. In 1987, the Montreal Protocol phased out the use of CFCs like Freon.
  • Depending on the refrigerants used, these installations and their subsequent leaks can lead to ozone depletion (chlorinated refrigerants like CFCs and HCFCs) and/or climate change, by exerting an additional greenhouse effect (fluorinated refrigerants: CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs).
  • Because the time history of CFC concentrations in the atmosphere is relatively well known, they have provided an important constraint on ocean circulation. CFCs dissolve in seawater at the ocean surface and are subsequently transported into the ocean interior.

  • Some people thought that the ozone hole should be above the sources of CFCs.
  • The reductive dechlorination applies to CFCs. Reductive dechlorination of CFCs including CFC-11, CFC-113, chlorotrifluoroethene, CFC-12, HCFC-141b, and tetrachloroethene occur through hydrogenolysis.
  • Historically, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were used in these applications, but we discovered in the 1970s the deleterious effect of these gases on the ozone layer, which is rewarded by a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995.
  • shareholders of CFCs must include in their income currently their share of aggregate return on depreciable tangible assets in excess of 10% for CFCs in which they are shareholders.
  • Production of CFCs grew strongly through the 1980s, primarily for refrigeration and air conditioning but also for propellants and solvents.

  • Molina and Rowland predicted that chlorine atoms, produced by this decomposition of CFCs, would act as an ongoing catalyst for the destruction of ozone.
  • The southward spread of NADW along the Deep Western Boundary current (DWBC) can be traced by its high oxygen content, high CFCs, and density.
  • Products that are packaged in aerosol cans contain a chemical known as propellant gas. CFCs have been proven to damage the ozone layer and caused the ozone hole.
  • Reported in 1997, significant production of CFCs occurred in Russia for sale on the black market to the EU throughout the 90s.
  • Calhoun Falls Charter School (CFCS) is a public 6&ndash;12 school located in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina, United States.

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