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case fatality rate <CFR>
Fallsterblichkeitsrate {f}
cohort fertility rate <CFR>
kohortenspezifische Geburtenziffer {f}
cohort fertility rate <CFR>
kohortenspezifische Fruchtbarkeitsziffer {f}
cost and freight <CFR, G&F>
Kosten und Fracht [Incoterm]
Code of Federal Regulations <CFR>
US-Bundesgesetzbuch {n}
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  • confer <cf., cfr., conf.> = confer <cf.>
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  • It was revised already in 2011 and then "reformed" after the Barroso Case in 2017 (cfr infra).
  • ... gov/sites/default/files/documents/federal_register_notices/rules-and-regulations-under-textile-fiber-products-identification-act-16-cfr-part-303/021127rulesandregulations.pdf).
  • Potassium persulfate is less soluble (cfr. Salters website) while ammonium persulfate has a higher solubility and is used instead in the reaction described in examples from Oxford University.
  • They can be associated with an office or court sinecure (cfr. ...
  • Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu, CFR" https://viewpointnigeria.org/life-and-times-of-sen-ibrahim-nasiru-mantu-cfr-february-16th-1947-17th-august-2021-by-mallam-jamilu-jaafaru/ 17 August 2021.

  • A sketch of two women by Pontormo now in Munich (14042r, cfr. ...
  • The head Church of all these small churches was called 'Thalappally and later as Thulappally. (cfr. ...
  • In 1966, during a two-month visit to New York City, Venet was influenced by Minimalism, consequently incorporating this style into his art (cfr. ...
  • H2onews springs from the Pope’s request to use modern methods of communication for evangelization and promoting peace and development (cfr. World Social Communications Day, May 8, 2005).
  • Aldegonde is considered to be the first Dutch cryptographer (cfr. ...

  • In some contexts (like optical disk burning - also cfr. ...
  • Cavalcanti is widely regarded as the first major poet of Italian literature: Dante sees in Guido his mentor; his meter, his language deeply inspire his work (cfr. ...
  • maintain it comes from "nava" (cfr. English "navel") meaning the valley basin in which Nave sits, others think it is a contraction from Latin "nam vallis", wide valley [...].
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