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cervical interstitial neoplasia <CIN>
cervikale intraepitheliale Neoplasie {f} <CIN> [zervikale intraepitheliale Neoplasie]
cervical intraepithelial neoplasia <CIN>
zervikale intraepitheliale Neoplasie {f} <CIN>
chemotherapy-induced neutropenia <CIN>
Chemotherapie-induzierte Neutropenie {f} <CIN>
chemotherapy-induced neutropenia <CIN>
durch Chemotherapie verursachte Neutropenie {f} <CIN>
chronic interstitial nephritis <CIN>
chronische interstitielle Nephritis {f} <CIN>
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  • cervikale intraepitheliale Neoplasie {f} <CIN> [zervikale intraepitheliale Neoplasie] = cervical interstitial neoplasia <CIN>
  • Chemotherapie-induzierte Neutropenie {f} <CIN> = chemotherapy-induced neutropenia <CIN>
  • chronische interstitielle Nephritis {f} <CIN> = chronic interstitial nephritis <CIN>
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  • Recognition of the frequent and close association of these noncondylomatous HPV-induced changes with high grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) - which was and is accepted as preceding life-threatening invasive cancer - led Dr Laverty to also suggest in 1978 the investigation of the possible role of HPV in genital tract carcinogenesis.
  • The name of Archignat originates from a Latin anthroponym "Arcanius" (according to Albert Dauzat) or is derived from the oronymic roots "cin" or "Chigne".
  • HES5 expression significantly higher in squamous cervical carcinoma than in CIN as well as higher in CIN than normal cervical epithelia.
  • A significant portion of success of "Tutti Frutti" is attributed to the so-called "ballet Cin Cin" (in the original Italian, "ragazze cin cin").
  • In February 1997, CIN and BARD agreed to a new 18-month deal for the charts.

  • Like other intraepithelial neoplasias, CIN is not cancer and is usually curable.
  • "CiN Weekly" was a free weekly culture newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio operated by "The Cincinnati Enquirer."
  • For Dayi 4 keystrokes or less, dayin4.cin is publicly available on the Internet at various open-source repositories (see external links).
  • In 2019, Uddin et al. proposed that "midcingulo-insular network" ("M-CIN") be used as a standard anatomical name for the network that includes the SN, CO, and VAN.
  • "hošoi gungnecuke cin wang"), or simply Prince Gong, was the title of a princely peerage used in China during the Manchu-led Qing dynasty (1644–1912).

  • From 1984 to 1996, Borchers served as an adjunct professor at the Peter Stark Producing Program, a Master of Fine Arts program in the USC School of Cinematic Arts teaching CIN 565, the budgeting and scheduling requisite class.
  • The role of CIN in carcinogenesis has been heavily debated.
  • The gene locus has the symbol "cin". The wild-type allele at this locus is notated "cin+" and the Cinnamon allele is notated "cin".
  • CIN was started in 2004 with a USAID grant and technical assistance and support from the New York University School of Journalism and the Journalism Development Group.
  • The CIN was successfully applied for as a cluster of excellence starting during the second part of the Excellence Initiative's first round (application: 2006/2007; projects commencing 1 November 2007).

  • orcinium. It was dedicated to the Etruscan-Roman goddess of destiny, Nortia.
  • From May 2002 to March 2007, "Cincinnati.com" also included "WCPO.com", the website of "Post" sister company WCPO-TV.
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