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calcium carbide measuring instrument <CM instrument, CCM instrument>
Calciumcarbid-Messgerät {n} <CM-Gerät, CCM-Gerät>
receiver-in-canal behind-the-ear hearing aid / instrument <RIC BTE hearing aid / instrument>
RiC-BtE-Hörgerät / RIC-BTE-Hörgerät {n}
five-level triage instrument <5-level triage instrument>
fünfstufiges Triage-Instrument {n} <5-stufiges Triage-Instrument>
curium <Cm>
Curium {n} <Cm>
chylomicron <CM>
Chylomikron {n} <CM>
Cameroon <.cm>
Kamerun {n}
case management <CM>
Fallsteuerung {f}
case management <CM>
Fallführung {f}
contrast medium <CM>
Kontrastmittel {n} <KM>
case management <CM>
Casemanagement {n} <CM> [Rsv.]
case manager <CM>
Case Manager {m} <CM>
content management <CM>
Content-Management {n} <CM>
component model <CM>
Komponentenmodell {n} <KM>
conference manager <CM>
Konferenzverwalter {m}
complexity management <CM>
Komplexitätsmanagement {n} <KM>
Chiari malformation <CM>
Chiari-Malformation {f} <CM>
CM (moisture) measurement
CM-Messung {f} [Messverfahren, Feuchtemessung]
configuration manager <CM>
Konfigurationsmanager {m} <KM>
confocal microscopy <CM>
Konfokalmikroskopie {f}
claim management <CM>
Nachtragsmanagement {n} <NM>
claim management <CM>
Claim-Management {n} <CM>
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  • The main instrument was a 50 cm Repsold refractor, which saw first light in 1880 (see Great refractor).
  • If positive, the error is subtracted from the mean reading the instrument reads. Thus if the instrument reads 4.39 cm and the error is +0.05, the actual length will be 4.39 − 0.05 = 4.34.
  • They carry a Thales-built high-resolution visible and thermal infrared instrument with 35 cm resolution, and an Airbus-built medium-resolution instrument.
  • MOST featured an instrument comprising a visible-light dual-CCD camera, fed by a 15-cm aperture Maksutov telescope.
  • The Stratifier is a small instrument (10 x 30 x 40 cm) with twelve touch sensitive control-surfaces that send signals to sound processing equipment.

  • The user then strings the piece of floss on a fork-like instrument or holds it between their fingers using both hands with about 1–2 cm of floss exposed.
  • The instrument cluster consists entirely of two widescreens (30.5 cm diagonal) LCDs with animated graphics.
  • The DIRBE instrument was able to conduct studies on interplanetary dust (IPD) and determine if its origin was from asteroid or cometary particles.
  • Several concert sound subwoofer manufacturers suggest that their subs can be used for bass instrument amplification.
  • The violin's serial number is inscribed in the middle inside the instrument.

  • The resolution of satellite images varies depending on the instrument used and the altitude of the satellite's orbit.
  • Lasers in this class are mostly dangerous in combination with optical instruments which change the beam diameter or power density, though even without optical instrument enhancement, direct contact with the eye for over two minutes may cause serious damage to the retina.
  • An instrument used to measure gravity is known as a gravimeter.
  • It has a hollow body where the front plate of the instrument is made of paulownia wood and the back plate is made of hard chestnut wood.
  • The "dholak" is a two-headed hand drum, a folk percussion instrument.

  • This collection of sundials and other astronomical instruments was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II at his then-new capital of Jaipur, India between 1727 and 1733.
  • Surveying instruments have characteristics that make them suitable for certain uses.
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