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comparable market analysis <CMA>
Marktwertbestimmung {f} [durch Vergleichswertverfahren]
compound myopic astigmatism <CMA> [Astigmatismus myopicus compositus]
Astigmatismus myopicus compositus {m}
conditional market authorisation [Br.] <CMA>
bedingte Marktzulassung {f}
conditional market authorization <CMA>
bedingte Marktzulassung {f}
congenital multiple arthrogryposis <CMA>
Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita {f} <AMC>
cost-minimization analysis <CMA>
Kosten-Minimierungs­-Analyse {f} <KMA> [auch: Kostenminimierungs­analyse]
cow's milk allergy <CMA>
Kuhmilchallergie {f} <KMA>
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  • In 2018, Dallas was awarded the CMA of Texas Choice Award (formerly CMA of Texas Hall of Fame).
  • These CMA's are used in most professional leagues and are altered or weighted depending on the league the rider gained the CMA in.
  • The cornerstone of the CMA is "Country Music's Biggest Week", which includes the aforementioned CMA Awards in early November, followed two days later by a "CMA Country Christmas" concert.
  • The (1+1)-CMA-ES generates only one candidate solution per iteration step which becomes the new distribution mean if it is better than the current mean.
  • The CMA's head office is located in Sheffield and the CMA is affiliated to the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters.

  • Separately, Jacques Saadé had created CMA in 1978 as an intra-Mediterranean liner service operator, based in Marseille.
  • The CMA is a well-recognized certification among employers. CMA has better Career in Management Accounting than institute of Cost Accountants in SAARC nations.
  • CMA publishes a monthly magazine, "Heartbeat". The CMA is a member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and Evangelical Press Association (EPA).
  • Coscelli joined the CMA in November 2013 as executive director, markets and mergers (the executive board member leading the directorate responsible for UK merger control, the markets regime and the CMA's work in regulated sectors).
  • Song Suffragettes have been invited to play CMA Music Festival every year since 2015 on the CMA Close Up Stage.

  • CMA offers professional marketing certificate courses nationwide.
  • CMA is activated during T cell activation due to increased expression of the CMA receptor LAMP-2A.
  • In rabbit bioassays, PR activation was similar for CMA and its major active metabolites 3α-hydroxychlormadinone acetate (3α-OH-CMA) and 3β-hydroxychlormadinone acetate (3β-OH-CMA).
  • Richards was invited by the CMA to host and produce the CMA Heritage Artist Panels at the CMA Music Festival in 2013.
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