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cardiac minute output <CMO>
Herzschlagvolumen {n} <HSV>
chief marketing officer <CMO>
Marketingchef {m} [ugs. für: Chief Marketing Officer <CMO>]
Chief Marketing Officer <CMO>
Vertriebsleiter {m}
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  • The ROK Army has developed an extensive civil affairs structure, with trained active-duty CMO staff officers down to the division level and many thousands of reserve component civil affairs officers and soldiers that train annually to respond to humanitarian disasters at home and abroad.
  • Easmon served as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) before officially being appointed CMO of the Gold Coast in 1893.
  • Approximately the top 50 COMC students are invited to write the CMO.
  • Following his involvement with Google he became Development Manager at STScI's Community Missions Office (CMO).
  • Without act since 2013, Dodo has a course to coach at the beginning of this year taught by CBF, with duration of ten days and classes divided into two periods and after that conclusion, cmo debut coach in Rio Negro.

  • Every spring, Soifer, along with other mathematician colleagues, sponsors the Colorado Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
  • The construction of CMO Floaters is the most effective means of getting additional market liquidity for CMOs.
  • The CMO is a member of the C-suite and typically reports to the chief executive officer.
  • In 2020 Gulasi became the CMO of NEXTYPE.FINANCE.com a Gamefi project that has over 300,000 active members within its community Gulasi has taken part in my of their international blockchain events representing NEXTYPE as CMO.
  • Two former executives from KANA Software, CEO Mark Duffell and CMO James Norwood, were appointed President and CEO and Executive Vice President Strategy and CMO of Episerver, respectively.

  • He retired as Additional Chief Secretary in the Gujarat Chief Minister's Office (CMO) on May 31, 2013 ending 33 year service but was retained in the CMO as Chief Principal Secretary, a post that was created for him.
  • Cooper was earlier CMO of BlackRock, CMO/Chief Creative Officer of BuzzFeed and served as CMO of Global Consumer Engagement for PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Under the extended collective licensing model, agreements between users and a CMO in a given category of works will be extended by virtue of the law to cover all rights holders in the same category.
  • In 2009, she became the chief marketing officer (CMO) for Yahoo!
  • Civil-military operations or CMO are activities of a military force to minimize civil interference on and maximize civil support for military operations.

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