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NOUN   the Caatinga | -
Caatinga {f}
Caatinga nighthawk [Nyctiprogne vielliardi, syn.: Chordeiles vielliardi]
Bahianachtschwalbe {f}
Caatinga parakeet [Eupsittula cactorum, syn.: Aratinga cactorum]
Kaktussittich {m}
Caatinga puffbird [Nystalus maculatus]
Fleckmantel-Faulvogel {m}
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  • The reserve is in a transition zone between the Atlantic Forest, caatinga and cerrado biomes.
  • It protects a semi-arid area of caatinga with sandstone caverns and caves in which prehistoric art has been found.
  • "Rhodocactus bahiensis" is endemic to the Brazilian state of Bahia, where it is found in "caatinga", subtropical dry shrubland.
  • In its natural state, the "sertão" was covered by a distinctive scrubby caatinga vegetation, consisting generally of low thorny bushes adapted to the extreme climate.
  • It protects an area of the caatinga biome that includes interesting geological formations and prehistoric cave paintings.

  • Vegetation includes cerrado and caatinga dry forest.
  • The whole area is covered by "caatinga" vegetation, consisting of cacti, palm trees, bromeliads and other xerophytic plants.
  • The environmental group SOS Caatinga and others helped with a campaign against INCRA's proposal, calling it an environmental disaster to clear the well-preserved "caatinga".
  • It was the first "caatinga" RPPN in Pernambuco.
  • The Caatinga Ecological Corridor (...) is an ecological corridor in the caatinga biome of northeast Brazil.

  • The area for the natural monument is semi-arid, with typical caatinga vegetation, and subject to desertification.
  • Many birds feed on them, like the "gralha-cancã" and the "periquito-da-caatinga" from Brazilian caatinga.
  • It is typically found in dense, brushy, and low stature caatinga below about 600 meters.
  • The vegetation is quite diversified, presenting domains of caatinga and cerrado.
  • The vegetation is "caatinga", including highly-branched bushes, often thorny, [...] high, cacti and bromeliads.

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