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NOUN   a cabal | cabals
VERB   to cabal | caballed | caballed
caballing | cabals
SYNO cabal | camarilla | conspiracy | ...
to cabalintrigieren
to cabalRänke schmieden [geh.] [veraltend]
cabalIntrige {f}
cabalKabale {f} [veraltet]
cabal {sg}Ränke {pl}
cabal {sg}Umtriebe {pl}
cabalgeheime Verbindung {f}
cabal {sg}Klüngel {m} [pej.] [Clique]
3 Wörter
to form a cabalintrigieren
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Cabal - The Nightbreed [Clive Barker]
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  • Cabal = Cabal - The Nightbreed [Clive Barker]
  • Cabal – Die Brut der Nacht = Nightbreed [Clive Barker]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • With Hope infiltrating the gang, two members of the gang are abducted and a third killed, apparently by the Cortez cabal.
  • Many of Caldwell's books centered on the idea that a small cabal of rich, powerful men secretly control the world.
  • The narrator is a member of some secret cabal scattered throughout the House, a series of artificial environments where people live, never seeing the outdoors.
  • ", he founded the Norton Cabal, and then left the cabal to join the very esoteric Erisian Liberation Front.
  • The phrase "There Is No Cabal" was developed to deny the existence of the backbone cabal, which members of the cabal denied.

  • The Campus later discovers that a secret cabal composed of hardliners within the Chinese government are plotting to depose current president Zhao Chengzhi for his moderate stance on several issues of importance.
  • Ekuru features in several Yoruba myths, where it is cooked with glue in an attempt to stop a cabal of evil witches from moving.
  • A pop thriller about a multinational cabal planning to subjugate humanity by privatizing all information.
  • Throughout much of the strife there has been, behind the scenes, a cabal of high-ranking military personnel that demonstrate the networked nepotism characteristic of Bayart's metaphor.
  • Stack competes against Cabal's binary cabal-install and has been created as a result of the overall criticism about dependency problems.

  • The Foundation cabal reconvenes to discuss what they've learned about the Second Foundation.
  • Petersburg Times" that a "cabal of insiders" in the U.S.
  • During most of its existence, the cabal (sometimes capitalized) steadfastly denied its own existence; those involved would often respond "There is no Cabal" (sometimes abbreviated as "TINC"'), whenever the existence or activities of the group were speculated on in public.
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