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NOUN   a chartist | chartists
SYNO chartist | technical analyst
Charttechniker {m}
chartistChartist {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Chartist' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Charttechniker {m}jobsstocks

Chartist {m}
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  • It was in part at least the arrest of this prominent and popular chartist leader that gave rise to the Newport Rising in South Wales 1839.
  • In 1842, a general strike involving cotton workers and colliers was organised through the chartist movement which stopped production across Great Britain.
  • A mid-Victorian example of a working-class novel is chartist Thomas Martin Wheeler's "Sunshine and Shadows", which was serialized in the "Northern Star" 1849–50.
  • "The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser" was a chartist newspaper published in Britain between 1837 and 1852, and best known for advancing the reform issues articulated by proprietor Feargus O'Connor.
  • A statue to honour the Chartist struggle and their march to Newport has been erected on the East side of the bridge while a name plate is situated on the West.

  • Edward Hooson (16 April 1825 – 11 December 1869) was an English chartist, co-operator, and a wire drawer by trade.
  • ... 29 January 1792 – 13 April 1868) was an English co-operator, weaver, chartist, and marine.
  • The museum, which was established in 1930, holds a local history collection with items associated with the chartist riots of 1839, the construction of the Llanidloes and Newtown Railway and items relating to the local woollen and mining industries.
  • The barracks were built between 1842 and 1848 as a base, initially at least, for the 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles following the chartist riots.
  • The National Land Company was founded as the Chartist Cooperative Land Company in 1845 by the chartist Feargus O'Connor to help working-class people satisfy the landholding requirement to gain a vote in county seats in Great Britain.

  • Elizabeth Nichol ("née" Pease; 5 January 1807 – 3 February 1897) was a 19th-century British abolitionist, anti-segregationist, woman suffragist, chartist and anti-vivisectionist.
  • George Binns (6 December 1815–5 April 1847) was a New Zealand chartist leader and poet. He was born in Sunderland, England on 6 December 1815.
  • For radicals, freedom from obligation was a precondition for political citizenship and the cornerstone of the chartist cause; freedom was their antidote to slavery.
  • John Francis Bray (26 June 1809 – 1 February 1897) was a radical, chartist, writer on socialist economics, and activist in both Britain and his native America in the 19th century.
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