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NOUN   a chatroom | chatrooms
SYNO chat room | chatroom
Chatraum {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Chatroom' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Chatraum {m}Internet
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Incanto prowls an online chatroom, arranging to meet with a similarly overweight woman named Ellen Kaminsky (Catherine Paolone).
  • "A delightful comedy of errors in which Alan Ayckbourn-style farce meets chatroom culture, this play provides a refreshing moment in the midst of the festival's intensity."
  • The Modern Drunkard IRC chatroom is an active communication channel along with the official forums.
  • These interactive shows put world newsmakers and celebrities up for viewer questions live by phone, e-mail, video-mail, and fax, along with questions and comments taken from the real-time chatroom that opens half-an-hour before each show.
  • To promote the album, McCartney held an online chat party, and the event entered the "Guinness Book of World Records" for the most people in an online chatroom at once.

  • About 30 minutes before the shooting began, invitations to the chatroom that hosted the online diary logs were sent to a small group of other Discord users.
  • In an online abduction victims' chatroom, Kate confesses to an anonymous friend that she has not been completely honest.
  • "Listening Post" is an artwork that visualizes Internet chatroom conversations.
  • For a limited time, the game offered a 2d chatroom where one could enter and talk with other users.
  • Brand New Music's Lim Young-min was later implicated through screenshots of a KakaoTalk chatroom of fans, which revealed that Lim's brother had asked his friend to inform the fans in the chatroom that Lim wanted the songs "Never" and "Oh Little Girl" for his concept song.

  • BigCommerce was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2009 by Australians Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, who met in an online chatroom in 2003.
  • It allows people to authenticate using a GitHub account and join a chatroom from a web browser, thus not requiring one to install any software, or create additional online accounts.
  • Additionally, the chatroom where he shared the photo was revealed as not the chatroom where Jung Joon Young shared the illicit footage, but just a group chat for hobbies.
  • Anonymous Korea claimed on its Twitter account that it was not involved with the denial of service at Ilbe but also mentioned that Ilbe members entered the chatroom used by Anonymous hackers and stirred them up, using insulting language and spamming the chatroom.
  • Renato has been playing for Detonautas since its formation in 1997. He was invited to join Detonautas by Tico Santa Cruz at a chatroom, equal to other members.

  • In 1997, Tico Santa Cruz appeared in a chatroom asking if anyone could play instrument, and then, Tchello, who was also in the room, answered positively and became known by his nickname.
  • The girl had managed to get the boy to carry out the murder by SMS text messages, telephone calls and chatroom contact during a period of time leading up to the murder.
  • The XMPP Standards Foundation runs Prosody on xmpp.org, and uses the chatroom feature for meetings for various XSF teams.
  • The Adult Swim Streams consisted of several online-exclusive originals, usually broadcast live, and featured a chatroom, similar to that of Twitch.
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