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Chauvet Cave
Chauvet-Höhle {f}
(common) cave-cricket / cave cricket [Troglophilus cavicola]
Kollars Höhlenschrecke {f}
Ansorge's cave-chat / cave chat [Xenocopsychus ansorgei, syn.: Cossypha ansorgei]
Höhlenrötel {m}
caveHöhle {f}
Cavum {n}
Zelle {f} [abgeschirmter Raum für radioaktive Stoffe]
Verbruch {m}
bat cave
Fledermaushöhle {f}
cave excavation
Höhlengrabung {f}
cave wallHöhlenwand {f}
cave ceilingHöhlendecke {f}
cave floorHöhlenboden {m}
cave sediments
Höhlenablagerungen {pl}
cave deposits
Höhlenablagerungen {pl}
cave passage
Höhlengang {m}
burial cave
Grabhöhle {f}
painted cave
Bilderhöhle {f}
sleeping cave
Schlafhöhle {f}
robbers' caveRäuberhöhle {f}
sea caveMeereshöhle {f}
cave system
Höhlensystem {n}
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  • The caves of Arcy-sur-Cure, just south of the commune, hold the second-oldest cave paintings known, after those of Chauvet Cave.
  • They used neuroimaging and studied the neurobiological processes of artists such as the painters of the paleolithic Chauvet Cave art.
  • The earliest known cave paintings of lions were found in the Chauvet Cave and in Lascaux in France's Ardèche region and represent some of the earliest paleolithic cave art, dating to between 32,000 and 15,000 years ago.
  • In January 2004, Eshleman was invited to visit Chauvet cave with Jean-Marie Chauvet and James O’Hern.
  • together with even older portrayals of volcanic eruptions in Chauvet Cave (France) and in Çatalhöyük (Turkey) they are among the oldest records of volcanic activity in the world (these other portrayals related to the Bas-Vivarais volcanic field in the Massif Central and to Hasan Dagi, respectively).

  • Many equines appearing in prehistoric cave paintings such as in Chauvet Cave are dun, and an extinct subspecies of horse, the tarpan.
  • The oldest known example is the Chauvet Cave in France, although others have been located, including Lascaux in France, Alta Mira in Spain and Creswell Crags in Britain and Grotta del Genovese in Sicily.
  • Rhinoceros are depicted in the Chauvet Cave in France, pictures dated to 10,000–30,000 years ago.
  • She is known for her work at the Arcy-sur-Cure cave complex and for her subsequent role as curator of the Chauvet Cave from 2000 to 2014.
  • The famous paintings in Chauvet cave date from this period.

  • The Caverne du Pont-d'Arc, Chauvet 2, is a replica of the Chauvet Cave in the commune of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, in the department of Ardèche and in the Rhône-Alpes region of France.
  • However, Robinson has stated that the setting is 32,000 years ago in what is now southern France, and that the cave where Thorn and Loon paint is the Chauvet Cave, a recently rediscovered site of impressive cave art.
  • what he calls "Three Caves: Three Time-Bytes", brief page-long narratives set in the Upper Palaeolithic sites of the Volp Caves, the Niaux Cave and Chauvet Cave.
  • Humans have long consumed horse meat; the oldest known cave art, the 30,000-year-old paintings in France's Chauvet Cave, depict horses with other wild animals hunted by humans.
  • Carvings and cave paintings of cave lions, which were discovered in the Lascaux and Chauvet Caves in France, were dated to 15,000 to 17,000 years old.

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