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NOUN   a chignon | chignons
chignonHaarknoten {m}
chignonNackenknoten {m} [Frisur]
chignonChignon {m} [Frisur]
2 Wörter
banana chignonEinsteckfrisur {f}
banana chignonBananenknoten {m} [Frisur]
banana chignonBananenchignon {m} [Frisur]
banana chignonBananen-Chignon {m} [Frisur]
banana chignonBanane {f} [Hochsteckfrisur]
chignon hairstyle(kunstvoll geflochtene) Duttfrisur {f}
chignon hairstyle(kunstvoll geflochtene) Dutt-Frisur {f}
chignon hairstyle(kunstvoll geflochtene) Haarknotenfrisur {f}
chignon netDuttnetz {n}
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  • Chignon {m} [Frisur] = chignon
  • Bananen-Chignon {m} [Frisur] = banana chignon
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • They wore their hair up in a bun or as a chignon attached with flowers and draped over the shoulder.
  • Tai women generally adopt the custom of wearing their hair in a bun or chignon immediately after this first wedding ceremony.
  • In her most common form she holds an axe, drigug (cleaver) or khatvanga (tantric staff) and a skull cup in her hands. In her chignon is a picture of Akshobhya.
  • In North America, Geffen serviced a radio edit and a clean version of "Bleed Like Me" to Modern Rock and Triple-A radio stations on May 9, A sequence where Shirley's sleek chignon hairstyle is unpinned and grows out on-screen referenced a 1983 photo of musician Danielle Dax taken by Linda Rowell, a British rock photographer who documented the London goth scene of the time.
  • An occipital bun, also called an occipital spur, occipital knob, chignon hook or inion hook, is a prominent bulge or projection of the occipital bone at the back of the skull.

  • where they would braid their hair and roll it up into a chignon before putting it in place with a binyeo (i.e., a hairpin) on their 15th birthday.
  • Two women with chignon hairstyles engaging in what may have been choreographed African dance movements.
  • She styled Yara Shahidi's hair for the 2019 CFDA Awards in a braided chignon inspired by a look worn by Diana Ross in the 1975 film "Mahogany".
  • He created some of the most celebrated coiffures of Brigitte Bardot, including the so called "choucroute" (french for cabbage) chignon, and turned her into a blonde for "And God Created Woman".
  • After the Qing dynasty was overthrown in 1911, Manchu women adopted Han style clothing and adopted the Chinese chignon.

  • In the 1950s, the bicycle clip design was also incorporated into designs of chignon cap – a fabric covering designed to cover a bun at the back of the head.
  • Styling and making huge and elaborate coiffures was labour-intensive and costly business. A "chignon" wig made to the opera singer Antoinette Saint-Huberty (Saint-Huberti) cost 232 livres.
  • Xunpu's female villagers don traditional pink floral tunics with buttons to the left and loose black trousers, tie their hair in a chignon and decorate it with colorful flower garlands called "zanhuawei" / "chiām-hoa-ûi" (...).
  • "Cheopji" (hangul:첩지 ;hanja:疊紙) is a Korean hair accessory decorating the chignon of ladies.
  • The "knot" mentioned above actually refers to the chignons ('sanggul' in Malay).

  • "Dwikkoji" (hangul: 뒤꽂이) is a Korean traditional ornament used to decorate ladies' chignons, and it has a sharp end.
  • A chignon ([...] , [...] , [...]) is a popular type of hairstyle. The word "chignon" comes from the French phrase "chignon du cou", which means nape of the neck.
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