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NOUN   a clinch | clinches
VERB   to clinch | clinched | clinched
clinching | clinches
SYNO clamp | clinch | hug | ...
to clinch
klammern [Boxen, Ringen]
to clinchentscheiden
to clinchklarmachen
to clinch sth.etw. erledigen [perfekt machen, besiegeln]
to clinchverstärken
to clinchstauchen
to clinchanheften
to clinchfestschlagen
to clinchendgültig regeln
to clincheinen Nagel vernieten
to clinch [deal, victory]perfekt machen [ugs.]
to clinch sth. etw.Akk. unter Dach und Fach bringen [Redewendung]
clinchEntscheidung {f}
clinchUmschlingung {f}
clinch [boxing]
Umklammerung {f} [beim Boxen]
Clinch {m}
Nahkampf {m}
clinchendgültige Regelung {f}
2 Wörter
clinch knot
Clinchknoten {m}
clinch knot
Klammerknoten {m}
3 Wörter
to clinch (a nail)(einen Nagel) krumm schlagen
to clinch a dealein Geschäft abschließen
to clinch the dealden Kauf abschließen
improved clinch knot
verbesserter Clinchknoten {m}
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  • Clinch {m} = clinch
  • im Clinch = in a struggle
  • im Clinch über etw. [Akk.] liegen [ugs.] [Redewendung] [z.B. Testament] = to be involved in a long, bitter struggle over sth. [idiom] [e.g. will]
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  • Clinch-Fighting is a tactic consisting of using a clinch hold to prevent the opponent from moving away into more distant striking range, while also attempting takedowns or throws and striking the opponent using knees, stomps, elbows, and punches.
  • In his third career UFC fight he fought Brandon Wolff, defeating him in the first round via TKO with knees from the Thai clinch, landing 42 knees on his opponent.
  • †† Shamrocks clinch league championship.
  • ††† Victorias clinch league championship.
  • Called clinch position or standing grappling position, these are the core of clinch fighting.

  • Clinch fighting is the part of stand-up fighting where the combatants are grappling in a clinch, typically using clinch holds.
  • Iowa would have been able to clinch with a win, but was upset by Nebraska, giving Purdue the opportunity to clinch the berth with a win.
  • ◾Kickboxing rules: no clinch for survival, active clinch with knees, no throws, no elbows, a yellow card forfeits 25% of the fight purse and earns a 1-point deduction, a red card is a disqualification.
  • In Elite Eight, eight teams play a game against rest of the team and the top team clinch the final. The second and third place team clinch the semifinal.
  • Jamie McMurray, Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon would clinch regardless of finish.

  • In a clinch after two knee strikes, a fighter must break the clinch, but can continue to attack with arms and legs (but not the knees).
  • All Sainz had to do to clinch the title was finish fourth or better.
  • Cardinals clinch playoff berth. With the Washington Nationals losing to the Miami Marlins on September 22, the St.
  • Clinch fighting is allowed to go on as long as the fighters are perceived to be active and working. Should the referee judge the clinch to be inactive, he will break up the fighters.
  • The swage nut is descended from an older idea, the clinch nut.

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