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D-Brane {f}
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Übersetzung für 'D brane' von Englisch nach Deutsch

D-Brane {f}spec.
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  • Using the representation of a gauge theory in terms of a D-brane, for example D4-brane combined with D0-branes, the Coulomb phase describes D0-branes that have left the D4-branes and carry their own independent "U(1)" symmetries.
  • String theory provides a cause for multiple generations, but the particular number depends on the details of the compactification of the D-brane intersections.
  • In the context of intersecting D-brane model building, products of U(N) gauge groups are broken to their SU(N) subgroups via the Stueckelberg couplings and thus the Abelian gauge fields become massive.
  • They argued in the context of string theory that the coordinate functions of the endpoints of open strings constrained to a D-brane in the presence of a constant Neveu–Schwarz B-field—equivalent to a constant magnetic field on the brane—would satisfy the noncommutative algebra set out above.
  • Joseph Polchinski's work on D-branes provided a geometrical interpretation for these results in terms of extended objects (D-brane, orientifold).
  • Other significant research contributions include the construction of the first models of dark energy in string theory, some basic extensions of the AdS/CFT correspondence to more realistic field theories (with Shamit Kachru), as well as the discovery of a predictive new mechanism for cosmic inflation involving D-brane dynamics (with David Tong) which helped motivate more systematic analyses of primordial non-Gaussianity.
  • Polchinski's contributions to D-brane physics were a primary trigger of the 2nd superstring revolution and the physics of holographic gauge-gravity dualities.
  • Ashoke Sen has argued that in Type IIB string theory, tachyon condensation allows (in the absence of Neveu-Schwarz 3-form flux) an arbitrary D-brane configuration to be obtained from a stack of D9 and anti D9-branes.
  • This conjecture, applied to D-brane charges, was first proposed by [...].
  • Then one gets type IIA string theory as a limit of M-theory, with 2-branes wrapping a two-cycles now described by an open string stretched between D-branes.
  • D-branes are an important class of branes that arise when one considers open strings.
  • In string theory, D-branes are an important class of branes that arise when one considers open strings.
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