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D layer
D-Schicht {f}
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Übersetzung für 'D layer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

D layer
D-Schicht {f}meteo.
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  • The D-region is the lowest layer of the ionosphere, approximately 60 km above the Earth's surface and its layer's altitude spanning around 30–40 km.
  • AM transmissions cannot be ionospherically propagated during the day due to strong absorption in the D-layer of the ionosphere.
  • Although High Frequency signals suffer a fadeout because of the enhanced D-layer, the Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance enhances long wave (VLF) radio propagation.
  • The sodium emissions come from a thin sodium layer approximately 10 km thick at an altitude of 90–100 km, above the mesopause and in the D-layer of the ionosphere.
  • This is primarily because the D layer, which absorbs high frequency signals, disappears rapidly on the dark side of the terminator, whereas the E and F layers above the D layer take longer to form.
  • The usable frequencies change from day to night, because sunlight causes the lowest layer of the ionosphere, called the D layer, to increase, causing attenuation of low frequencies during the day while the maximum usable frequency (MUF) which is the critical frequency of the F layer rises with greater sunlight.
  • The post-perovskite phase has implications for the "D"′′ layer, which influences the convective mixing in the mantle responsible for plate tectonics.
  • The ionosphere's D-layer also affects 80 meters significantly by absorbing signals.
  • The temporary increase in ionization of the daylight side of Earth's atmosphere, in particular the D layer of the ionosphere, can interfere with short-wave radio communications that rely on its level of ionization for skywave propagation.
  • The upper mesosphere is also the region of the ionosphere known as the "D layer", which is only present during the day when some ionization occurs with nitric oxide being ionized by Lyman series-alpha hydrogen radiation.
  • During daylight hours, the lower D layer of the ionosphere forms and absorbs lower frequency energy.
  • A three layer construction, consisting of two layers of graphene with a 2-D layer of boron nitride, has been shown to exhibit superconductivity, insulation and ferromagnetism.
  • are reflected within the ionospheric D-, E-, and F-layers.
  • The D layer is the innermost layer, [...] to [...] above the surface of the Earth.
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