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D sharp <D♯>
Dis {n} <D♯>
D double sharp <Dx>
Disis {n}
D sharp major <D♯ major>
Dis-Dur {n} <Dis, D♯>
D sharp minor <D♯ minor>
dis-Moll {n} <dis, Dism, D♯m>
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  • The theme is subsequently restated in the key of D sharp and eventually progresses into the key of F flat.
  • This is followed by a series of chromatic chord modulations from the key of D-sharp leading back to B-flat.
  • In the United Kingdom, it was released be two music labels: D Sharp Music (titled "For You") and Epic Records (titled "Les premières années").
  • Joseph D. Sharp Elementary School was honored by the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program in 2019, one of nine schools in the state recognized as Exemplary High Performing Schools.
  • A compromise here was the addition of the note D sharp (or E flat) in the bass octave of the pedal.
  • While the track was recorded in D major, the commercially released version sounds a quarter-tone higher (halfway between D and D-sharp) due to Smith forgetting to disengage the vari-speed function on the multi-track recorder after toying with it before the actual recording process took place.
  • Senator Campbell served one term (until 1824), and was replaced by John D. Sharp.
  • Its relative minor is D-sharp minor (or enharmonically E-flat minor) and its parallel minor is F-sharp minor.
  • The official cast recording of the show was released in 1993 by D Sharp Records.
  • At this point, the initially ambiguous harmony returns with a modulation to D-sharp minor on the words "Was äffst du nach mein Liebesleid" (bar 47).
  • D [...] (D-sharp) or re dièse is the fourth semitone of the solfège.
  • Its relative major is F-sharp major (or enharmonically G-flat major).
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