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direct-supporting fire <DS fire>
unmittelbare Feuerunterstützung {f} <UF>
dear / darling son <DS, ds>
lieber Sohn {m}
Nintendo® DSNintendo® DS {m} {n} <NDS, DS>
downstage {adv} <DS>
nach vorn [Blickrichtung / Orientierung auf der Bühne zum Publikum hin]
downstage {adv} <DS>
nach vorne [ugs.] [Blickrichtung / Orientierung auf der Bühne zum Publikum hin]
darmstadtium <Ds>
Darmstadtium {n} <Ds>
distribution system <DS>Vertriebssystem {n} <VS>
direct support <DS>
unmittelbare Unterstützung {f}
direct support <DS>
taktische Unterstützung {f}
dysfunction syndrome <DS>
Dysfunktionssyndrom {n} <DS>
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Tränenwegszintigraphie {f} [seltener für: Tränenwegsszintigraphie]
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Dakryoszintigraphie {f} <DS>
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Dakryoszintigrafie {f} <DS>
dacryoscintigraphy <DSG, DS>
Tränenwegsszintigraphie {f} [auch: Tränenwegs-Szintigraphie]
design specification <DS>
Design-Spezifikation {f} <DS>
decisecond <ds, dsec>
Zehntelsekunde {f}
direct support <DS>
unmittelbare Feuerunterstützung {f}
diploma supplement <DS>
Diplomzusatz {m} <DZ>
dry substance <DS>
Trockensubstanz {f} <TS>
design specification <DS>
Entwurfsspezifikation {f}
descent stage <DS>
Abstiegsstufe {f} [Landestufe]
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  • A petty criminal who had been stalking DS Siobhan Clarke died in a fire on the night Rebus was injured.
  • She and her husband narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on 22 August 1962, when their Citroën DS was targeted by machine gun fire arranged by Jean Bastien-Thiry at the Petit-Clamart.
  • In the fire building sequence, the player must alternate pressing of the L and R buttons in order to build enough friction on the wood, and then blow into the DS's microphone to successfully ignite the fire.
  • As de Gaulle's black Citroën DS 19 sped through Petit-Clamart it was met by a barrage of submachine-gun fire.
  • The game appears in "Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits" for the Nintendo DS, but with an altered version of the Chariots of Fire theme.

  • Operators of the Dennis DS include the Devon, Cheshire, Hertfordshire and Durham County fire brigades, as well as the Dublin Fire Brigade.
  • Chandler also had a series of notable moments including a corruption allegation and his unsuccessful quest to succeed Guy Mannion as Borough Commander, as well as coming under fire from DC Mickey Webb after the death of a friend of Webb's during the four-part Britanniamania storyline.
  • It also allows players to fire missiles from the "Great Fox" that they have picked up from exploring in this mode, or from meeting certain conditions in the battle mode (usually destroying all enemies).
  • However, the fear that the B-58's integral wing tanks would make it vulnerable to ground fire during low-altitude delivery lead to the abandonment of the program.
  • Just like the previous "Harry Potter" game titles, "Goblet of Fire" has received mixed reviews, according to video game review aggregator "Metacritic".

  • New mechanics are introduced, such as wall jumping and the ability to fire weapons.
  • They fire at the onset and offset of a stimulus (a light source).
  • Most of them were made for their handheld devices, with the exception of "Fire Emblem Heroes" and "Dragalia Lost".
  • A version that featured rapid-fire lightguns was also produced.
  • ... Fliegel) were lost to AA fire while attacked by a CAM Ship Hurricane.

  • Former Data Systems Technicians were, depending on their training, placed in to either the Electronics Technician or Fire Controlman (abbreviated as FC) rating.
  • Players subject their ants to various dangers such as lightning, fire and heat rays from a magnifying glass to build up their resistance before sending them off on missions to collect food and defeat other insects.
  • The police give chase and they are doing well until stopped at a junction for a fire engine to pass.
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