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disseminated tumor cells [Am.] <DTCs>
disseminierte Tumorzellen {pl} <DTZ>
disseminated tumour cells [esp. Br.] <DTCs>
disseminierte Tumorzellen {pl} <DTZ>
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  • Tumor cells found in the bone marrow are known as disseminated tumor cells (DTCs), and those found in the peripheral blood are known as circulating tumor cells (CTCs).
  • These vehicles have 'blink code' capacity to store up to five Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
  • It also does not "store" or "throw" Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or "Parameter IDs" (PIDs).
  • If there are two or fewer DTCs (4 bytes) they are returned in an ISO-TP Single Frame (SF).
  • There are currently four DTCs. One for Human Factors Integration, one on Electromagnetic Remote Sensing, one on Data and Information Fusion and one on Autonomous and Semi Autonomous Vehicles.

  • The PID request and data retrieval system gives access to real time performance data as well as flagged DTCs.
  • This would adversely affect the management of these patients by delaying diagnostic thyroid scintigraphy and radioiodine ablation in patients with DTCs for 2–6 months.
  • The draft final report for the "Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study" (DTCS) was released in August 2017.
  • In 1986, 5 directors of 3 DTCs were charged in court, and in 1987 a further 17 directors of another 5 DTCs were also charged.
  • In 2015, following an unsuccessful application to the AHRC for a further tranche of BGP funding, and the decision by the ESRC to focus on larger Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) rather than DTUs, in the continuation of their postgraduate research funding arrangements, the five consortium members decided to end the collaboration.

  • There are total 2,84,633 Distribution Transformer Centers(DTCs) in operation, out of which about 1.51 Lakh DTCs have already been metered.
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