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Dandy-Walker malformation <DWM>
Dandy-Walker-Fehlbildung {f}
Dandy-Walker malformation <DWM>
Dandy-Walker-Malformation {f} <DWM>
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  • Dandy-Walker-Malformation {f} <DWM> = Dandy-Walker malformation <DWM>
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  • It runs the Firefox web browser with a customised window manager dwm and a Firefox add-on also named Webconverger that locks the browser to a simple kiosk operation mode.
  • In addition to dwm, and other software like the uzbl web browser.
  • The reason why hydrocephalus occurs in DWM is not yet fully understood.
  • The German defeat in WWI and the implementation of Allied restrictions on the production of military weapons left DWM with few alternatives.
  • For example, the cut buffers are properties of the root window that are used for copying selected text from a window to another, and the dwm window manager displays the root window's name in a status area.

  • The Eighth Doctor faces the Daleks twice in the pages of "Doctor Who Magazine": once in "Fire and Brimstone" (DWM #251–255) to stop them from taking control of all realities and a second time in "Children of the Revolution" (DWM #312–317) when he encounters the humanised Daleks created in "The Evil of the Daleks", who were in hiding on the planet Kryol.
  • Together, they foil an invasion by the Cybermen ("The Flood", DWM #346-#353).
  • 0 used tiling, and a variety of tiling window managers for X are available, such as i3, awesome, and dwm.
  • The Tenth Doctor comic strip "The Age of Ice" (DWM #408–411) is set in UNIT's Australian base beneath Sydney Harbour.
  • In 2007, Garbe called for the need for a "Plan 9 lover's and C hacker Ubuntu" which comes packed with dwm/wmii and all necessary tools for developing C code and suggested calling it "9ubuntu".

  • This period, though, came to a definitive end when DWM killed off Ace in "Ground Zero" — an act which deliberately returned DWM to its own, separate continuity.
  • Window managers similar to ion include awesome, dwm, i3, larswm, and xmonad.
  • The Sontaran homeworld was destroyed in the future during the events of the Seventh Doctor strip "Pureblood" (DWM #193-196) but the Sontaran race pool survived, allowing for further cloning; the strip introduced the concept of "pureblood" Sontarans not born of cloning.
  • 4Dwm is the window manager component of the IRIX Interactive Desktop normally used on Silicon Graphics workstations running IRIX.
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