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DX / dx [morse code abbreviation, telegraphic shorthand] [international: "(long) distance (contact)", "distant (exchange)"] [English also: "foreign countries"]
DX / dx [Morsezeichen-Abkürzung] [„(große) Entfernung“, „(weit) entfernt“, „Fernverbindung“]
D double sharp <Dx>
Disis {n}
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  • DX / dx [Morsezeichen-Abkürzung] [„(große) Entfernung“, „(weit) entfernt“, „Fernverbindung“] = DX / dx [morse code abbreviation, telegraphic shorthand] [international: "(long) distance (contact)", "distant (exchange)"] [English also: "foreign countries"]
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  • http://dx.doi.org/10.1079/PHN2001296.
  • In physics, the differential coefficient of a function "f"("x") is what is now called its derivative "df"("x")/"dx", the (not necessarily constant) multiplicative factor or "coefficient" of the differential "dx" in the differential "df"("x").
  • Mathematician Brook Taylor discovered integration by parts, first publishing the idea in 1715.', then evaluate the resulting integral ∫ "vu"′ "dx".
  • For example, as a consequence of the Riemann–Lebesgue lemma, the sequence μ"n" of measures on the interval 1 given by μ"n"("dx") = (1+ sin("nx"))"dx" converges setwise to Lebesgue measure, but it does not converge in total variation.
  • Offers distinctive QSL cards to shortwave listeners for swl dx signal reception reports.

  • https://dx.doi.org/10.2305/IUCN.UK.2018-2.RLTS.T41827A116737304.en.
  • Restricting discussion exclusively to steady state conditions, in which neither dCA/dx or dCB/dx change with time, equimolecular counterdiffusion is considered first.
  • One consequence of this hypothesis is that if it holds true, we can introduce a comoving chart such that the metric tensor contains no terms of form dt dx, dt dy, or dt dz.
  • Deleuze proposes (citing Leibniz) that difference is better understood through the use of "dx", the differential.
  • Since addition is commutative, the accumulation of the "f"("x")μ("dx") values may be done in arbitrary order.

  • The energy loss per unit distance is typically called dE/dx.
  • dh/dx. with k=magnetic susceptibility, H-magnetic field strength, and dh/dx being the magnetic field gradient.
  • "dx"2 ≠ 0, since "dx" is nonzero, and the transfer principle can be applied to the statement that the square of any nonzero number is nonzero.
  • Events that are still occurring, occurred, or will occur over a period of time. The continuative aspect of the examples is "dx"- .
  • Densities play a significant role in the theory of integration on manifolds. Indeed, the definition of a density is motivated by how a measure dx changes under a change of coordinates [...].

  • LaVoi, N. M., & Glassford, S. (2021). ‘This is our family’: LGBTQ family narratives in online coaching biographies. Journal of Homosexuality. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00918369.2021.1921506.
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