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NOUN   a deadhead | deadheads
VERB   to deadhead | deadheaded | deadheaded
deadheading | deadheads
to deadhead [roses]
to deadhead [flowers]
köpfen [Blumen]
to deadhead
welke Blüten auspflücken
to deadhead [flowers]ausgeblühte Blüten entfernen
deadhead [coll.]
Leerfahrt {f}
deadhead [coll.] [dull person]Hohlkopf {m} [ugs.]
deadhead [coll.] [boring or unenterprising person]Langweiler {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
deadhead [Am.: person with free ticket] [coll.]Freikarteninhaber {m}
Deadhead [coll.] [fan of the Grateful Dead]
Deadhead {m} [Grateful Dead-Fan]
deadhead [faded flower head]
verwelkte Blüte {f}
deadhead [female] [Am.: person with free ticket]Freikarteninhaberin {f}
2 Wörter
to deadhead (flowers)
verwelkte Blüten von einer Pflanze entfernen
deadhead flight [coll.]
Leerflug {m}
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  • Deadhead {m} [Grateful Dead-Fan] = Deadhead [coll.] [fan of the Grateful Dead]
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  • Additionally, inspectors from a regulatory agency may use transport on a deadhead basis to do inspections such as a Federal Railroad Administration inspector riding a freight train to inspect for safety violations.
  • While, in his long term in office, Naeff increasingly lost influence and adhered a reputation as "deadhead".
  • The time it takes to travel a street, known as deadhead time, is faster than the time it takes to plow the snow from the streets (or deliver mail or drop off packages).
  • The through operation by Sanyo Railway was continued until February 1998 with starting and terminating this station and the trains returned at the siding track in the west of adjacent Mikage Station as deadhead trains.
  • This is called variously "deadhead," "positioning," "ferry," or "empty leg" depending on the company.

  • It is recommended to deadhead (remove dying flower heads) the plants regularly to maintain even blossom production.
  • The Rock Island District runs a few empty equipment move (deadhead) trains, most during weekdays.
  • An additional train runs inbound during the afternoon rush hour but as an empty equipment move or deadhead.
  • The 1999–2003 trucks also had a deadhead fuel system and a "long lead" injector in cyl.
  • Pilots for the airline received minimal training, and some deadhead flights marked as training time did not actually include any training.

  • Bill Doherty Jr. was born and raised in Dedham, Massachusetts. After high school, Doherty became a deadhead, following the Grateful Dead around the country, mostly by hitchhiking, for five years.
  • Additional non-revenue trains (deadhead moves) would run in each direction to move equipment to and from Port Morris Yard.
  • The charges involved placing a "deadhead" (an unneeded state worker who performs few or no duties) on the payroll of a special state board.
  • In 1997, he co-founded the Dark Star Orchestra, which was originally intended to be a one night a week Dead cover band formed by deadhead musicians.
  • The Rowan brothers’ background in bluegrass and folk rock flavored David’s deadhead jam-band stylings to produce a result all three knew was useful.

  • Frank begins passing himself off as a deadhead (a pilot riding along in cockpits on the way to scheduled takeoff points) thus conning his way into free air travel.
  • As a result, electric trains must deadhead to Huntington for rush hour service from as far away as West Side Yard in Manhattan, about [...] away.
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