Übersetzung für 'Desiderata' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a desideratum | desiderata
desiderataDesiderata {pl}
desiderata {pl}(etwas) Erwünschtes {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Desiderata' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Desiderata {pl}
desiderata {pl}
(etwas) Erwünschtes {n}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Especially the quality of his Old Masters, caused high ranking on Hitlers desiderata list.
  • Wardrop did not provide algorithms for solving Wardrop equilibria, he simply defined them as desiderata.
  • Dr Nollaig O Muraile has also expressed a wish that someone will undertake one of "those great desiderata in this particular field – namely new, up-to-date editions of the Annals of Tigernach, of Mageoghegan's Book" (i.e. ...
  • Since the factors underlying these desiderata are at odds, tuning of the catalyst properties has proven difficult.
  • Optional desiderata include that the agent be rational, and that the agent be capable of belief-desire-intention analysis.

  • Some researchers have doubted whether a consistent definition of propositionhood is possible, David Lewis even remarking that "the conception we associate with the word ‘proposition’ may be something of a jumble of conflicting desiderata".
  • The further desiderata are outlined by Sauder (1995).
  • He asserts that "all the values in which mankind at present summarizes its highest desiderata are "decadence values".
  • Several experiments were conducted with people, in order to find out what is the relative importance of several desiderata in choosing an allocation.
  • Having prepared British desiderata for the Paris Peace Conference, the Committee asked the Cabinet on 7 January 1919 to be dissolved.

  • However better knowledge of Utraquist theology belongs among the major desiderata of historical scholarship.
  • "Halomonas desiderata" is an alkaliphilic, halotolerant and denitrifying bacterium first isolated from a municipal sewage works.
  • However, these desires (or "desiderata") seemingly form an inconsistent triad, and thus a trilemma.
  • Archie's conversations with other characters often feature his penchant for arch wit, which can serve purposes such as playing devil's advocate to "badger" Wolfe into working; stalling or goading police officers; issuing threats under the guise of ironically ingenuous observations; or charming female characters into cooperating with Wolfe's professional desiderata.
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