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Dimroth condenserDimrothkühler {m}
Dimroth rearrangement
Dimroth-Umlagerung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Dimroth' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Dimroth condenser
Dimrothkühler {m}
Dimroth rearrangement
Dimroth-Umlagerung {f}chem.
  • Dimroth-Umlagerung {f} = Dimroth rearrangement
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  • Otto Dimroth (28 March 1872 – 16 May 1940) was a German chemist. He is known for the Dimroth rearrangement, as well as a type of condenser with an internal double spiral, the Dimroth condenser.
  • Many commercially available rotary evaporators can be purchased with a cold finger in place of a Dimroth condenser, for example.
  • The first such reaction, including a mercuration of benzene itself, was reported by Otto Dimroth between 1898 and 1902.
  • One manifestation is found in the Dimroth rearrangement.
  • He moved to the University of Würzburg and received his PhD in December 1925 at Otto Dimroth with a thesis on acridinium salts.

  • In 1925, he accepted a position in the University of Würzburg, initially as the assistant of Otto Dimroth.
  • The first synthesis was described by Karl Dimroth and coworkers in 1961.
  • It is thus also sometimes called Dimroth–Reichardt dye.
  • Timrod was born on December 8, 1828, in Charleston, South Carolina, to a family of German descent. His grandfather Heinrich Dimroth emigrated to the United States in 1765 and anglicized his name.
  • Reduction in resonance stabilization of pyrimidines may lead to addition and ring cleavage reactions rather than substitutions. One such manifestation is observed in the Dimroth rearrangement.

  • A Dimroth condenser, named after Otto Dimroth, is somewhat similar to the coil condenser; it has an internal double spiral through which coolant flows such that the coolant inlet and outlet are both at the top.
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