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SYNO atomic number 66 | Dy | dysprosium
dysprosium <Dy>
Dysprosium {n} <Dy>
churchite-(Dy) [(Dy,Sm,Gd,Nd)(PO4)·2H2O]
Churchit-(Dy) {m}
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  • Dysprosium {n} <Dy> = dysprosium <Dy>
  • Churchit-(Dy) {m} = churchite-(Dy) [(Dy,Sm,Gd,Nd)(PO4)·2H2O]
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  • DY Persei was reported to be variable in 1947. It was initially classified as a semiregular variable star with a brightness range of magnitude 10.6 to 13.2 and an approximate period of 900 days.
  • GReddy is pronounced "GRED-dy", as in a strong swirling wind current, referring to the strong swirling intake air of a turbocharger.
  • Franck Manga "Did'dy" Guela (born 19 June 1986) is an Ivorian footballer who plays as a midfielder.
  • "The Daily Gazette" is known for typically using the short form "Sch'dy" for Schenectady in its headlines and headings.
  • During his tenure at English football, his first name was sometimes referred as Am"a"dy because of a misspelling in his passport.

  • Its other calls are a horse-like whinnying ("why-dy-dy-dy-dyyrrr", "hoo-whoooooy") and a throaty melancholy "ka-kaaaur".
  • The differential "dy" is sometimes called the principal (linear) part of the function increment "Δy".
  • Dysprosium acetate is a hypothetical salt of dysprosium and acetate. Its proposed chemical formula is Dy(CH3COO)3.
  • Starting in 2009 Skol dy'Sadorn Kernewek provided a Saturday nursery school for young children as well as Cornish lessons for parents at the same time.
  • The Amangel'dy gas field is a natural gas field located in Almaty Province.

  • They settled in Peshawar and Ghazala began her singing career, subsequently recorded the songs "Baran dy baran dy" and "Lag rasha kana".
  • A Welsh-language version, "Lipstic ar dy Goler", was recorded by violinist Angharad Davies in 1989, and included on her album "Y Ferch o'r Filltir Sgwâr".
  • Bazarkel'dy is a village in Almaty Region of south-eastern Kazakhstan.
  • When asked to contribute a new Monks tune the band decided to do their version of "Higgle-dy Piggle-dy" which features as the B-side of this single.
  • Off Alger Island's southwestern shores lies Ostrov Matil'dy (Остров Матильды), a very small, barely [...] long, island.

  • Anjani: Village of late. Mr. R. R. Patil former dy.C.M. & former Home Minister of Maharashtra.
  • Shengel&#39;dy is a village in Almaty Region, in south-eastern Kazakhstan.
  • Incumbent Faustino Dy III is in his third consecutive term already and is ineligible for reelection; he will run for provincial governor instead.
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