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Dyak people
Dayak {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Dyak' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Dyak people
Dayak {pl}ethn.
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  • The representative of a community ("dyak") participated in judicial office-work.
  • After the monastery had been destroyed by the Livonian feudals, it was rebuilt by a Pskovian dyak Mikhail Munekhin-Misyur in 1519.
  • ' or 'dyak dyak dyak .... dyuc dyuc dyuc...'". When taking flight it makes "a sharp, dry 'chep chep chep!
  • "Podyachyes" were classified into junior, middle and senior. A senior "podyachy" (Старший подьячий) was a councillor to a "dyak".
  • From 1640 to 1646, Almaz Ivanov held the post of a "dyak" of the royal treasury (Казённый двор, or "Kazyonniy dvor").

  • The Greek word "diakonos" (διάκονος) gave rise to the following terms from the history of Russia, not to be confused with each other: "dyak", "podyachy", "dyachok", in addition to "deacon" and "protodeacon".
  • Under Tsar Boris Godunov he became a city dyak. He sided with Vasily Shuysky.
  • Olferiev, dyak L.Lopukhin and representatives of clergy.
  • Rickart's dyak fruit bat ("Dyacopterus rickarti") is a species of megabat in the family Pteropodidae found on Luzon and Mindanao islands, in the Philippines.
  • The relationship with Alexei began in 1714 or 1715. She was a present given to him by dyak Nikifor Vyazemsky who had been his first tutor. He was later his companion.

  • He was born on May 6, 1863 in Tammerfors, in the Grand Duchy of Finland in the family of church dyak Johan Lindström. He studied jewelry from famous jeweler from Tammerfors - Johan Erik Hellsten.
  • In 1933 Dmitry Aynalov tried to develop the proof based on the 1554 message of dyak Ivan Viskovatyi, who mentioned Annunciation icon in connection with Novgorod's Yuriev Monastery (...).
  • The diary of the "dyak" (clerk) says; "some say (of the Tsarevich) that his life was extinguished because of blows by the hands of his father, after trying to prevent him from committing an ugly act".
  • Earlier it was known as Gyakfalva, however it was changed in the 17th century because the first part of the name "gyak" meant sexual intercourse (in Hungarian) and was considered offensive (note, in Slavic languages "dyak" means a secretary/clerk; its Hungarian cognates are the obsolete "deák", with the same meaning, and contemporary "diák", meaning "student" – all of these from Greek "διάκονος").
  • Dyakov (masculine; [...]; [...]) or Dyakova (feminine) is a Slavic masculine surname derived from the occupation of "dyak" (clerk).

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