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NOUN   dysregulation | dysregulations
dysregulationDysregulation {f}
dysregulationDysregulierung {f}
Regulationsstörung {f}
metabolic dysregulation
Stoffwechseldysregulation {f} [Fehlregulation]
orthostatic dysregulation <OD>
orthostatische Dysregulation {f} <OD>
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  • Dysregulation {f} = dysregulation
  • orthostatische Dysregulation {f} <OD> = orthostatic dysregulation <OD>
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  • Even slight changes in CASK expression in humans leads to dysregulation of the formation of presynapses, especially in inhibitory neurones.
  • Pathogenic overactivity of the dopaminergic mesolimbic pathway in the brain—forming either psychiatrically, during mania, HPA axis dysregulation has been associated with hypersexual disorder.
  • Most cases are associated with the dysregulation of the alternative complement pathway.
  • Chronic stress at various stages of life can lead to chronic inflammation and immune dysregulation.
  • V-ATPase dysregulation is thought to play a role in resistance to cancer therapies, as aberrant acidification of the extracellular environment can protonate chemotherapeutics, preventing their entry into the cell.

  • One key mechanism that renders cancer cells independent from tissue adherence is dysregulation of the pathway network that controls transcription factor NF-κB.
  • Some instances of female infertility are caused by DNA repair dysregulation during meiosis.
  • A normal stem cell may be transformed into a CSC through dysregulation of the proliferation and differentiation pathways controlling it or by inducing oncoprotein activity.
  • Aphthous-like ulceration also occurs in conditions involving systemic immuno-dysregulation, e.g.
  • PTSD is often linked with immune dysregulation. Traumatic experiences can induce epigenetic changes at the gene loci that are immune-related which can lead to immune dysregulation and an increased risk of PTSD.

  • PLAID syndrome is an inherited condition characterised by antibody deficiency and immune dysregulation, first described in 2012.
  • Histone acetylation has received increasing support over the years as a proposed mechanism through which epigenetic dysregulation leads changes in gene expression that contribut to HD.
  • Patterns of interpersonal emotion dysregulation may contribute to the onset and maintenance of mental health disorders.
  • Many human tumors occur because of dysregulation of mTOR signaling, and can confer higher susceptibility to inhibitors of mTOR.
  • Schechter and colleagues have in addition to maternal behavioral and physiological dysregulation, also found at the level of maternal brain activity, corticolimbic dysregulation on functional neuroimaging as associated with maternal PTSD and dissociative symptoms in response to child separation and adult male-female violence-related video-stimuli in both New York and Geneva samples The same pattern of corticolimbic dysregulation has also been associated with increased parenting stress, HPA axis dysregulation as marked by decreased methylation of the glucocorticoid receptor gene, and observed child behavioral difficulty during mother-child play.

  • Rapid-onset obesity with hypothalamic dysregulation, hypoventilation, and autonomic dysregulation (ROHHAD) is a rare condition whose etiology is currently unknown.
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