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E-Day {m} [Euro-Umstellungs­datum]
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Übersetzung für 'E Day' von Englisch nach Deutsch

E-Day {m} [Euro-Umstellungs­datum]econ.
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  • The Swordfish remained in front-line service until V-E Day, having outlived some of the aircraft intended to replace it.
  • E. Day, 1945 and officially closed immediately prior to VP day.
  • Villa further states that "Other Losses" wrongly cites a March CCS directive to Eisenhower, claiming that it directs Eisenhower to not take any prisoners after Victory in Europe (V-E) Day, when in fact, the directive states that those taken after V-E day should not be designated as "Prisoners of War" under the Geneva Convention.
  • The unit continued to broadcast and appear throughout Europe through V-E Day and until August 1945.
  • The program was gradually terminated after V-E Day.
  • President Ronald Reagan, as part of a plan to observe the 40th anniversary of V-E Day, saw an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the friendship that existed between Germany and its former foe.
  • One summary report estimated that just prior to Victory in Europe (V-E) Day, German consumer daily caloric intake was only 1,050, and that after V-E Day it dropped to 860 calories per day, though actual estimates are confusing because of the wide variation by location and because unofficial estimates were usually higher.
  • — shortly after V-E Day — Frankfurter was pardoned by a Swiss court.
  • It was dedicated on 10 May 2005, as part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of V-E Day and opened to the public two days later.
  • Beyrle returned home to Michigan on April 21, 1945, and celebrated V-E Day two weeks later in Chicago.
  • After V-E Day in 1945, General Lucius D. Clay asked for Marcus to serve on his staff in the occupation of Germany.
  • After V-E Day, Fifteenth Army's task was to organize the Theater General Board whose purpose was to study, analyze and document past operations in the European Theater.
  • An American tanker who survived losing three tanks wrote to Chrysler after V-E Day that "an 88 sure makes quick work of them.
  • As the Germans officially set the end of operations for 2301 Central European Time on 8 May, that day is celebrated across Europe as V-E Day.
  • This became a standard feature of the approximately 320 completed He 162A jet fighters built, with hundreds more He 162A airframes going unfinished by V-E Day.
  • Although the Nuremberg Charter, the procedural law under which the trials were held, postdated V-E Day, the tribunal rejected the defence that the criminal law was "ex post facto", arguing it derived from earlier treaties like the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907.
  • Time of use (TOU) net metering employs a smart (electric) meter that is programmed to determine electricity usage any time during the day.
  • It is reported on an ACT/360 day count convention and is displayed to three decimal places.
  • The division's last major fighting in the war was the Battle of Dessau, which the division captured on 23 April 1945 after three days of combat.
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