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E layer
E-Schicht {f}
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E layer
E-Schicht {f}meteo.
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  • Because the lower-altitude layers (the E-layer in particular) of the ionosphere largely disappear at night, the refractive layer of the ionosphere is much higher above the surface of the Earth at night.
  • signals tend to be reflected from more than one part of the Sporadic E layer, resulting in multiple images and ghosting, with phase reversal at times.
  • Whereas E layer propagation depends on the temporary abundance of metallic meteor dust, the more conventional forms of skywave propagation in the ionosphere's higher F region refract off layers of electrons knocked off of gasses by intense UV light, which are renewed on a fairly regular daily cycle.
  • e. layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue.
  • The Integration Hypothesis suggests that it was the grammatical operator Merge that triggered this combination, occurring when one linguistic object (L layer) satisfies the grammatical feature of another linguistic object (E layer).
  • Reflection occurs at the ionospheric E layer or F layers.
  • Some openings are caused by islands of intense ionization of the upper atmosphere known as the E Layer ionosphere.
  • When these meteoroids begin to burn up, they create a glowing trail of ionized particles (called a meteor) in the E layer of the atmosphere that can persist for up to several seconds.
  • Moreover, the maintenance of the E-layer of ionized gas high in the Earth's thermosphere also suggested a strong extraterrestrial source of X-rays.
  • Appleton demonstrated the existence of this layer, now called the "Kennelly–Heaviside layer" or "E-layer", for which he received the 1947 Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • In 1975 Muggleton's seminal work was accepted by the ITU in Geneva as the internationally accepted model of absorption and reflection of the E-layer.
  • During the night, the electron density of the ionospheric E-layer diminishes much more strongly than that of the F-layer.
  • The field size abides by CFL regulations and features an infill turf playing surface with a 2" rubberized e-layer.
  • is adequate to account for all of E-layer ionization."
  • While at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge (1946–1950) Bracewell worked on observation and theory of upper atmospheric ionisation, contributing to experimental technique (1948), explaining solar effects (1949), and distinguishing two layers below the E-layer (1952), work recognised by the Duddell Premium.
  • Scott was the first scientist to demonstrate lightning effects on the 'sporadic E' layer; transient, localized patches of relatively high electron density in the mid-ionosphere, which significantly affect radio-wave propagation.
  • The E layer is the middle layer, [...] to [...] above the surface of the Earth.
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