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NOUN   an E string | E strings
E string
E-Saite {f}
low E string [guitar]
tiefe E-Saite {f} [Gitarre]
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Übersetzung für 'E string' von Englisch nach Deutsch

E string
E-Saite {f}mus.

low E string [guitar]
tiefe E-Saite {f} [Gitarre]mus.
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  • For 2012 the VOX Phantom and Teardrop guitars appeared again as the APACHE Series travel guitars with a host of built in features including a 2-channel guitar amplifier, speakers, dozens of rhythm patterns, even a convenient E-String tuner.
  • The player may tune the low E string down to the lowest note required in the piece: D or C.
  • It can be fitted with a viola E string and tuned to GDAE and played in the same way as a violin.
  • Fiddlers who use solid steel core strings may prefer to use a tailpiece with fine tuners on all four strings, instead of the single fine tuner on the E string used by many classical players.
  • For example, an A string at 440 Hz will cause an E string at 330 Hz to resonate, because they share an overtone of 1320 Hz (third overtone of A and fourth overtone of E).
  • In standard tuning, the left is the low E string. x means mute the string.
  • For the chorus, Gilmour and session player Lee Ritenour used a pair of acoustic guitars strung similarly to Nashville tuning, but with the low E string replaced with a high E string, two octaves higher than standard tuning.
  • Thrash metal in particular makes abundant use a muted low E string (or lower, if other tunings are used) as a pedal point.
  • Rush was left-handed and played as such; however, his guitars were strung with the low E string at the bottom, upside-down from typical guitarists.
  • (for "mano sinistra", left hand, and "mano destra", right hand); here, the open E string is plucked alternately in rapid succession by the left and right hands.
  • Many vibrato systems can be set up in such a way that they allow for changing string pitch both up and down.
  • , "“string (plant fiber), nerve”".
  • The scale length of the strings of an instrument affects the timbre of the strings, and thus the use of a capo may alter the tone of the instrument.
  • The hardware is fully adjustable to accommodate any gauge string at any position.
  • The piece opens with a harp playing a single note, D, twelve times (the twelve strokes of midnight) which is accompanied by soft chords from the string section.
  • Many speculate that Kogan played on all steel strings, though there is not an outright confirmation.
  • One major change was the use of steel strings instead of silk.
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